How Obesity Can Sabotage a Healthy Penis

When a man is dealing with obesity, he might have more trouble keeping a healthy penis. That’s because many health problems, including penis problems, are linked to obesity.

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Penis Pain From Nocturnal Erections

It’s usual for a man to experience several erections during the day – and at night while he sleeps. But some men experience penis pain with their nocturnal erections.

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An Itchy Penis After Sex: What to Do?

When a man suffers an itchy penal after a sexual encounter, he might wonder if he has contracted some sort of infection from the new partner. However, the answer is usually much simpler: He is simply dealing with an itchy penis because he has very dry penis skin. But how does dry penis skin happen if there was plenty of lubrication going on while he did the deed? That's one of the most interesting things about penis care that a guy needs to know.

How sex can lead to a dry penis

Guys can get a dry penis in all sorts of ways, such as using soap instead of specially formulated cleanser, or by simply being a little lax in the area of ​​penis care. But when a man suffers from an itchy, dry penis after a fun encounter with a partner, it might mean that there's more to the story.

First, men should remember that even if they believed there was plenty of lubrication during the fun times they had in bed, there might not have been. That's because in the heat of the moment, what would normally hurt a great deal really does not – thanks to all those hormones that are flooding the brain and body, leading to feelings of euphoria instead of pain. It's only after the encounter is over that a guy realizes, hey, that actually hurts!

How to fix this problem? More foreplay! The more natural lubrication produced by the female body, the better. And if it seems that there's enough lubrication there but there really is not, a guy should make note and next time, go even slower.

Another point about dry penis skin has to do with lubrication. If a couple chooses to use extra lubrication as part of their play, that definitely cuts down on the friction, which is a good thing in most cases. But for some guys, the lubricant they choose has the connotation of drying out their penis skin so badly that the next day they wind up with an itchy penis. The only way to be sure of this not happening is to experiment. If one particular lubricant leaves a guy with intense itching and other dry skin issues, it's time to switch to a lubricant that uses different ingredients.

And still another point to ponder about a dry penis is the frequency of the sex. Let's say a couple enjoys a little playtime once a night, or even twice. With adequate lubrication, a guy (and his partner) should be perfectly fine and not deal with dryness, itchiness and the like. But if the couple chooses to go all-out and have sex until they can barely stand, the simple repetition of the friction can be enough to make both of them quite sore, no matter how much lubrication was used.

Easing the itchy penis skin from sexual fun

When a guy has an itchy penis from sexual fun, or he's suffering from a dry penis that is probably caused by overuse or using the wrong lubricant, there are some penis care options that can make him feel better. Abstinence for a few days is a good bet, as it gives the penis time to heal. Using a powerful moisturizer after getting a lukewarm shower can help, too.

And so can regular application of a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A man should look specifically for a crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E, both of which can soothe the itchy skin on contact and help alleviate the dryness caused by too much friction, the wrong lubricant, and many other problems that lead to dry skin issues.

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Does an Erect Penis Like Vitamin D?

There are a variety of factors involved in assessing penis health, such as the condition of the penis skin and the appearance or absence of signs indicative sexually transmitted infections. Another area of ​​interest where penis health is concerned is the state of the erect penis. How often do erections occur, how substantial are they, how long do they remain firm, etc.? When an erect penis is falling short of its goals, men want to find a way to correct this situation, and doctors may suggest a range of options, depending on what they believe to be the cause of the erectile issue. A recently published study points to vitamin D as a possible factor in the health of an erect penis.

The study

Entitled “Vitamin D and Male Sexual Function: A Transversal and Longitudinal Study,” the study was conducted in Italy and published in the International Journal of Endocrinology. The scientists took as their starting point a desire to add some clarity to what, if any, effect vitamin D has on sexual health.

As the doctors point out, “erection is a complex phenomenon … many clinical factors are able to impede erectile function … Recent clinical works have suggested that low vitamin D levels may somehow be associated with the occurrence of sexual abnormalities, especially erectile dysfunction. ”

The researchers pored over the medical records of 114 men who had experienced erect penis problems over the past 15 years. Out of these 114 men, they found 41 who had received some form of vitamin D therapy. The therapy involved supplementation of vitamin D, ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 units; some received it weekly, others every two or three weeks and still others every month.

Looking at the whole group of 114 men, they found that those who had higher levels of vitamin D also had higher levels of testosterone and higher scores in terms of erectile function (although they may still have had erect penis issues).

Turning their attention to the subset of men who underwent vitamin D therapy, there was a definite increase in testosterone following the vitamin D supplementation when compared with before. There was also an increase in satisfaction with their erectile function.

Why vitamin D

If vitamin D does indeed improve erect penis health (and more studies are needed to definitively prove this), what might be the reason? Several were suggested, in addition to what appeared to be a correlation between vitamin D and testosterone availability. For example, vitamin D helps prevent oxidative stress, which may still protect endothelial cells, which could have a positive effect on erections. Low vitamin D also is often associated with cardiovascular issues, which can affect erectile health as well.

There can be many factors that influence a man's erect penis; sufficient vitamin D is likely to be just one of many things to consider. But men who are experiencing disappointment with their erect penis may want to ask their doctor to look at their vitamin D levels when discussing this issue and see if some supplementation might be in order.

Of course, a vicious erect penis is not the only concern when assessing penis health, nor is vitamin D the only important component. Maintaining a healthy penis is easier when a man uses a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The best crème will not only contain vitamin D but also alpha lipoic acid. This potent antioxidant is another excellent protector against reducing oxidative stress. Effective crèmes will contain an amino acid known as L-arginine, which helps stimulate production of nitric oxide. This in turn helps keeps penile blood vessels open and ready for increased blood flow.

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Healing the Sore Penis After Masturbation Marathons

Most men masturbate. And when they do, they usually have their own unique way of getting the most out of the experience. For some, a quickie is all they need and they are on their way. But for others, a masturbation marathon is not out of the question – and in fact, might be the norm. While this can be an interesting way for a guy to test his mettle or enjoy long hours of pleasure on a lonely night, the result can be a very sore pen the next day.

So what's a guy to do? Nobody wants to give up masturbation marathons, but nobody wants a sore penis, either. The key here is to know how to avoid a sore penis if at all possible – and if it does happen anyway, knowing how to ease the sore penis skin is a sure way to get a guy back in shape in no time.

Preparing for the marathon

As the old wives' tale says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's a saying that rings true for almost anything, and that includes masturbation soreness. By taking a few steps before and during his marathon session, a guy can avoid the “cures” that he might be reaching for if he winds up with a sore penis. Here's what he can do.

1) Load up on lube. Although it can be tempting to try dry masturbation, most men are going to wind up in a world of hurt if they do that as part of an all-day interlude. A guy should start out using lube and continue to do so, reapplying it when it wears away. This might mean using half a bottle or more, but that's okay. Avoiding a sore penis is worth it!

2) Vary the grip. Some men have their masturbation routine down, and that's fine for a quickie now and then. But those engaging in a marathon session might want to take their time and explore new worlds, so to speak. Changing up the grip can avoid too much pressure on one area of ​​the penis, which in turn helps a guy maintain good penis sensation all over his equipment.

3) Remember no pain does not mean no damage. When a man is really aroused, he might ignore pain signals – or he might not feel them at all. It's only in the aftermath that a guy realizes he hurt his delicate penis skin. To compensate for this rush of hormones that cancels out the pain signals, a guy should stop periodically to consider what he's doing, and whether he needs to change his grip or apply more lube.

What to do about a sore penis

So what if the prevention steps did not work? Then it's time to ease the sore penis. Here's how a guy can perform a little TLC for his favorite equipment.

1) Take some time off. A guy who is feeling the not-so-sweet fruits of his labor should take some time away from sexual activity while his penis has a chance to heal. A few days of no touching should be enough to let the skin heal and rejuvenate.

2) Maintain good penis care. In the meanime, good penis care is essential. A guy should wash gently in the shower, never scrub, and pat the skin dry when he's done. He should also take care to watch any irritations or abrasions on the penis, so that he can tell if they are getting worse.

3) Use a penis health crème. The skin will need a little boost in healing, which can be had with a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). He should look specifically for a crème with Shea butter and vitamin E, which provides not only healing, but plenty of hydration to help a guy avoid the dry, sore penis that can result from excessive masturbation.

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Small Penis Facts: The Micropenis

There's no sign that men's anxieties relating penis size are slowing down; as a matter of fact, some believe that the near-omnipresence of online porn is only making men feel more and more anxious about whether they have a small penis or not. The evidence suggests that the vast majority of men do not need to worry; though they may not have equipment that would make a horse jealous, most men have more than enough equipment to satisf them themselves and their partners. As a matter of fact, the actual occurrence of men with a micropenis seems to be absolutely rare. Some studies indicate less than 0.5% of men would qualify as a micropenis possessor, and other studies suggest the prevalence is even smaller.

Of course, just what is a micropenis? There's some debate as to the exact definition, with some believing it is any penal which measures less than 3 inches in length while erect and others opting for 2.5 “or 2”. So for the purposes of this article, it must be left vague – but it is in any case a smaller than typical penis.

With that in mind, here are a few facts about the small penis referred to as a micropenis.

– A guy with a micropenis may still be a drawer rather than a shower. Even though a micropenis is a very small penis when erect, it may be even smaller when flaccid. Also, in some cases it may be larger in circumference than in length.

– It still works. Although it may be a small penis, it still functions exactly the same as a larger model. The same stimuli create an increase in penile blood flow and retention, leading to a hardening which enables the penis to achieve penetration. Many women report that they still achieve sexual satisfaction even when their partner has a micropenis. And many women have become pregnant from men with a very small penis.

– Urinating can be an issue. If the penis is especially small when soft, it may be difficult to urinate standing up. The penal may not extend far enough out of the flap or it may not reach the urinal or toilet properly.

– Hormones may help. In some cases, especially if the penis is determined to be especially small at an early age, infusions of male hormones may help to increase the length of something. This is especially true when the brevity of size is due to a lack of testosterone production while in the womb.

– Kallmann Syndrome may also be to blame. Sometimes a micropenis is the result of a genetic disorder known as Kallmann Syndrome – or indeed of other diseases in the family called hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Essentially, a person with Kallmann Syndrome is kept from starting or completely finishing puberty. The hypothalamus fails to produce GnRH hormone, which in turn means that the body does not produce adequate amounts of testosterone. In addition to the penis being small, the testicles are also usually much smaller than normal – which in turn affects the production of sperm and semen.

Many men lament the fact that they have a micropenis, but others have learned to accept it and live much more comfortably with it. Use of penis sleeves or sheaths can sometimes help a man with a very small penis feel more comfortable with his sexual encounters.

Whether a man has a micropenis, a small penis or a large penis, he needs to keep it healthy. Regular application of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. Look for a crème that includes among its ingredients vitamin C, a key component of collagen, a tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and elasticity and is vital for penile erections. The crème should also include vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, which is a vital nutrient required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of healthy tissue.

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Penis Health 101: Spotting a Yeast Infection

When a man is faced with a red, itchy penis, he might think the worst. Is it a really serious infection contracted from sex with a new partner? Is it something that will be resistant to antibiotics? Will treatment be slow and time-consuming? How long before he can get back to a normal sex life? What should he do about penis care in the meanime?

But what most men do not know is that a yeast infection can cause a plethora of awful symptoms that seem as though they are much more serious. Also known as thrush, yeast infections are often considered a “woman's problem” but men are certain unacceptable to getting them as well. Here's what a man needs to know about this very common – and fortunately, very treatable – condition.

What is a yeast infection?

A yeast infection is an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a yeast that is present in varying amounts on the skin at all times. Usually the body keeps it in check. But when a person has an overgrowth of it – thanks to a compromised immune system, certain medications or other reasons – the yeast takes over.

The result is really terrible itching and redness. The itchy penis can become so severe that it keeps a man awake at night and denies him from thinking about anything else during the day. Redness, as well as a sense of heat, might also be present. The penal might have a white or yellow discharge and coating that looks somewhat like cottage cheese. The odor of a yeast infection is very distinct and strong, another thing that makes it tough to ignore. Sometimes there may be pain with urination, especially if the infection has invaded the urethra.

How does a guy get a yeast infection?

Yeast infections can come about in a variety of ways. A compromised immune system is a common culprit, as are under medical conditions, such as diabetes. Men may also get the infection from their sexual partner, as the yeast infection can be present before symptoms begin, and that can easily be passed without the knowledge of either participant.

And though it's unusual, sometimes a man's diet can be enough to create the overgrowth. This is especially true if he is eating or drinking items that have a great deal of yeast in them, such as lots of beer, breads, crackers or cookies. Cutting yeast-based foods out of the diet can help if a man suffers from recurring yeast infections that do not have an underlying medical cause.

What can he do about it?

When a man first believes he might have a yeast infection, he should go to the doctor to be sure. The test is simple and easy, and can provide results quickly. He should then embark on a course of treatment – which he might be able to purchase over the counter – and abstain from sexual activity until the infection has cleared. He should also inform any sexual partners so they can be proactive about treating themselves even if they are not showing any symptoms.

If a guy has another yeast infection after the first, he can usually recognize the signs and go for over the counter remedies, then skipping a trip to the doctor. But if he does this, he must take care to keep his penis in great health, and do what it takes to ease the sore and reddened skin. A good way to do this is with a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . He should reach for a crème that contains vitamin A for odor control, vitamin E for softness, and alpha lipoic acid to fight free radicals and ease the signs of aging. For those with serious itching, Shea butter as an ingredient can also help stop the irritation on contact.

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Unusual Penis Rash From Erythema

A rash can occur anywhere on the body. While people find rashes on the arms or face very regrettable, a guy is especially annoyed when he develops a penis rash. Sure, the rash is not seen by as many individuals (unless he's attending a nudist convention, of course), but the people likely to see it are probably those he really wants to impress. And since a penal rash can sometimes mean that there is a penal health issue present that may preclude sexual gratification, preventing or treating a penis rash is usually of keen importance. For that reason, it pays to know about many different potential causes of penal rash, including one known as erythema multiforme.

Erythema multiforme

Erythema multiforme is classified as a hypersensitivity disorder that presents as eruptions on the skin. These eruptions tend to be red welts, which may be purplish in the center, in some cases giving it the appearance of a “target.” They may also form blisters, and ridges around the edges are not uncommon. Itching usually companies the welts; some patients also report experiencing a burning sensation.

The welts can appear anywhere on the body, including the penal and surrounding areas. Typically they appear suddenly and without notice, often in large groups. Some versions disappear in a few days; almost all disappear within two to three weeks. It is not unusual for a person to have two or three outbreaks within a year or so.

Erythema multiforme is considered a milder form of another disorder, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Men are more likely than women to contract it, and although it can appear at any age, it is more likely to occur in childhood and young adulthood.


So why does a person get erythema multiforme? Doctors wish they knew. The exact cause of this condition is not known. However, it often occurs in conjunction with or shortly after an infection, and is also associated with an outbreak of herpes simplex virus. There are also some medications that seem to foresee erythema in some individuals, including some antibiotics, anticonvulsants and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).


Erythema multiforme tends to be self-healing, meaning that it will go away on its own if left alone. But a guy with a penal rash, especially an itchy or burning one, may not want to wait for a couple of weeks to get some relief.

Finding the trigger is usually the first step. If it sees to be in reaction to a medication the man is taking, he and his doctor should determine an alternative that can be used. Often, using antihistamines can help to tie itching and burning. If the welts are oozing or over-sensitive, applying a moist compress to them can be helpful. If a determination is made that the erythema is actually a more severe form, such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, further treatment may be called for.

It also helps to limit physical irritation of the penis rash. Weaving loose boxers rather than tight briefs may be useful. When possible, wearing no clothes may also further limit irritation and speed recovery.

Erythema multiforme can create a nasty penis rash, but it's not the only cause of penal skin issues. Strengthening the penis skin by regularly utilizing a top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help prevent other rash situations. Take care when selecting a crème and definitely choose one that features both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) to provide ample moisturization opportunities. The best crème will also include a powerful antioxidant, ideally alpha lipoic acid. This antioxidant helps fight excess free radicals and theby limits damage due to unwanted oxidative stress.

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Sex and Pregnancy: Understanding Penis Health

When a man chooses to father a child, he's probably quite ready for the joys of having a little one around the house. But he might not be so keen on what those nine months of pregnancy (and many months of recovery beyond) will do to his sex life. Although most men have the good sense not to mention this worry to their blossoming partners, it's definitely something that many others. Since a guy knows that good penis health requires giving their member exercise on a regular basis, he might wonder how to do that appropriately – and not hurt their partner or put the pregnancy at risk in the meanime.

The good news is that there are many ways around the pregnancy issue when it comes to sex, including ways that a man can ensure his good penis health during those nine months and beyond. Here's how.

1) Be sensitive to positions. Although many women are more than happy to get it on during pregnancy, some positions may be off limits for the duration. That's because a guy who reaches too far into the vaginal canal can lead to pain for the woman, something that nobody wants. Some positions that work well for pain free sex include doggy, with no pressure placed on her abdomen, or side-by-side.

2) Expect a few months of “off limits.” There may be some occasions when it looks physically fine to have sex, but the woman is feeling – to put it mildly – like death warmed over. She's throwing up or feeling nauseas, she has a headache, she's dealing with inexplicable back pain, and she's otherwise just not in the best of moods. This often happens during those first months of pregnancy. Be patient and never push the issue.

3) Be careful near the end. Some men find their partners completely irresistible during those final months of pregnancy and they want to have sex as often as possible. However, there are two things to keep in mind: First, her growing bulk might make some positions impossible or maybe mean that sex hurts, so takes all cues from her. Second, for some women, sex near the end of pregnancy might trigger labor before it's time. That's something a doctor will determine, and if he or she says to avoid sex, heed that advice!

4) Watch out for yeast infections. Pregnancy changes a woman's body in almost every way imaginable, including the environment of her vagina. She may experience significant dryness, or might go the other way and have excess moisture. The hormonal changes can also make it more likely for her to suffer yeast infections, which can easily be passed on to a man through intercourse.

5) Study the penis skin carefully. This tip is not for the man's sake as much as it is for hers. If a guy has issues with his penis skin, such as warts, bumps or redness, it is a good idea to abstain from sexual activity until a doctor clears him for it. This is to protect the woman and unborn child from complications that may arise from passing along infections of any kind.

6) It's okay to not get any. For some, sex is off limits through the duration of the pregnancy. Do not get upset if this happens; remember that it's only for a short period of time and the reward at the end is one of the best things that a man can ever experience. In the meantime, he can take things into his own hands in the shower or other private area, and then keep his penis health up to par during his period of absence.

No matter the situation, a man should reach for a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to ensure its member stays in good health. A blend of powerful vitamins and nutrients can be just the ticket to keeping good penis health and being ready to rock when the pregnancy is over.

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Jock Itch: Sensible Prevention Tips

Although scratching the crotch is perfectly acceptable when knocking back a few brews in a man cave with the guys, it's not something that wins a fellow a lot of points when giving a business presentation or when out on a date. Yet there are times when the urge to itch is so strong that there's little a guy can do but give a surreptitious little scratch and hope no one notices. This is especially true when a dude has come down with a bad case of dreaded jock itch and feels like all he wants to do is put his hands down his pants and scratch away for a couple of hours. Since jock itch is such a nuisance, it's wise to practice prevention strategies for avoiding it. The following may help.

– Do not share towels with a bud. Whether at the gym or at home, it's important to use a clean towel when drying off the shower. Jock itch is a fungus spread through direct contact – meaning it's not airborne. A man has to come into physical contact with it. Using a towel that another guy has used means one person may pass the fungus to the other. This is especially important at the gym. Often, guys hang their towels on a row of hooks while they shower – and it's easy to forget what towel is what, so pay attention when hanging up that towel.

– Do not share underwear either. Seriously, going commando is usually a better option than borrowing some briefs from a bro. It's just too personal. Beside, he may claim that he's washed his underwear in hot soapy water – but a lot of guys fudge the truth when it comes to how much laundry they do. Wearing boxers that have been clinging to a crotch with jock itch is a disaster waiting to happen.

– Use a towel in the sauna. Hanging out naked in the sauna or steam room after a good workout really helps relax the muscles. But other guys have been sitting there naked too, and if any of them had jock itch … well, need we say more? Bringing a towel to spread out and sit on is excellent prevention.

– Wear a condom. Jock itch often starts from sleeping with a woman who has a yeast infection. Wearing a condom is one of the most important prevention strategies in such cases.

– Beware of athlete's foot. The fungus that causes jock itch is the same as that behind athlete's foot – so if a guy has athlete's foot, he needs to avoid touching his feet and then touching his penis.

– Give the penis an airing. Jock itch thrives in warm, moist conditions, so it benefits a guy to let his penis have fresh air regularly. Sleeping in the buff is an easy way to do this, or just walking around the house naked for an hour or two on a regular basis.

– Stay loose. Tight fitting clothing may accentuate a guy's physique, but if the pants and underwear are too tight, it makes more heat and moisture, which encourages jock itch. Go for boxers rather than briefs and trousers that do not cling directly to the crotch.

– Shower and dry. Shower frequently to keep the skin clean – and dry it thoroughly.

Taking prevention tips to heart can decrease the odds of getting jock itch, but sometimes the yeast beast comes for a visit anyway. The penal will better meet this danger if it's in its best health; daily use of a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help maintain that health. For best results, make sure the crème contains a wide range of vitamins, including the all-important A, B5, C, D and E. In addition, the crème needs to feature L-carnitine, an amino acid with valuable neuroprotective properties that help ensure continued sensitivity in the penal.

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3 Simple Tests for Adequate Penis Sensation

There are many articles out there about penis sensation, but a few of them answer the fundamental question: Just what is really good penis sensation? After all, a guy only knows what he feels – he has no idea what his best friend or neighbor feels when it comes to penis sensitivity. Given that, how can he know if he has adequate penis sensation in the first place?

Of course, a man can usually tell when his penis sensation begins to decrease from what it was in the beginning. He may find that he does not respond as quickly to Touches, takes longer to reach a climax and finds that he has to go further to get the same response from masturbation or coupling as he did before.

The good news is that there are some benchmarks a man can take into account to determine whether his penis sensitivity is where it should be – as well as help him decide whether he has lost a bit of sensation along the way. This is best done with a partner, if possible. Here's how.

1) Start in a standing or sitting position. With eyes closed and penis erect, a guy should run his fingertips over the penis, starting at the base and working his way to the tip. He should take note of any spots where the touch sees a bit “less” or does not give him the same “zing” as other spots do. If a certain spot sounds numb or has very little sensation, note that as well.

2) Now do the same thing, but with a small ice cube. The idea is to determine which areas of the penal response best to temperature changes. If there is an area that is far too sensitive for the ice, that's just fine! The idea is to look for places where the ice is not a bother, or where the skin does not seem to register just how cold the sensation really is. Make note of any places that feel this way.

3) Finally, let the penis warm up a bit and do the same test with a soft feather. Note any areas where the touch of the feather is not felt, or where it does not seem to be as strong as in other places.

Obviously, there will be some places where the sensation is a bit less; for instance, it's perfectly normal for penis sensation at the base of the shaft to be much less than the sensitivity at the tip of the penis. But when a man notices areas that do not give him any pleasure at all, or where he can not feel the touch of his hand, ice cube or feather, those indicate that penis sensation might be lacking.

How to improve penis sensation

So what does this all mean? It may simply mean that the penis has had some rough handling and needs a few weeks to recover. Many men will find that giving it a little time will help the nerves recover and restore penis sensation.

But if that's not the case, it's time to visit the doctor and look for the underlying causes. These may include circulatory problems (especially if a man is overweight), neurological issues that affect the nerves of the penis, or simple thickening of the skin caused by too much friction – such as calls that appear on hands and feet over time. The doctor can recommend ways to counter all these issues.

To help ensure the best penis function possible, a guy should always do what he can to keep the penis healthy. To that end, he should reach for a daily penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A crème that contains L-carnitine is especially helpful, as this powerful amino acid is proved to help preserve the delicate nerve endings that make an erect penis so enjoyable.

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What Every Guy Should Know About Penis Warts

When a man sees anything that comes close to resembling a wart on his penis, he might freak right out – and for good reason. Anything that mars the equipment not only has the opportunity to put a damper on his sex life, but the idea of ​​genital warts can really make a man wonder where he got them, what it might mean for his future, and much more. It's important to understand this rather common penis problem and how to handle the issue of penis warts if they do show up.

How common are penis warts?

Although penis warts may seem like a terrifying ordinal, they are actually quite common. Skin warts are caused by HPV, an extremely common virus that most people will be exposed to in their lifetime. In fact, there are over 70 strains of HPV, and though most of them show up with no symptoms at all, some of them do lead to penis warts.

The good news is that penis warts caused by HPV are not a life sentence. In most cases, the immune system fights back and gets rid of the warts within two years of their first appearance. However, the idea of ​​living with warts on the penis for two years can be enough to make a man look for treatment alternatives.

How to treat penis warts

As with most penis problems, the best way to treat penis warts is to visit the doctor. Once there, a few treatments might be recommended:

1) Prescription creams. Many men will opt for prescription creams, which can less the appearance of warts while it helps to shrink them. It will still take a while for them to disappear, but the time a man must live with them can be shortened considering.

2) Cryotherapy. Men who have deal with other types of warts, such as those that commonly appear on the hands or feet, will be familiar with this treatment. It involves the use of liquid nitrogen to “freeze” the wart, thus killing it. The wart will then fall off within a short period of time.

3) Electric cauterization. In this treatment, a man is given a local anesthetic to numb any pain, then an electrical current is applied to the area of ​​the wart. The result is killing the wart and just as with the liquid nitrogen, the problem should clear up rather quickly.

4) Watch and wait. Although most men will not like to hear this as an option, many doctors will choose the “watch and wait” policy when it comes to penis warts. This is specifically indicated if a man has other problems that may mean he should not undergo treatments, such as under underlying medical condition that may make the treatments dangerous for him. In this case, a man will want to do everything he can to boost his immune system in the hopes that it will take over and eradicate the warts sooner rather than later.

When a man has penis warts, it's best to avoid sexual contact with anyone. This is because even if a man uses a condom, the HPV in his body can be alive and well on the skin elsewhere in the genital area, and that means he can pass the problem on to a partner even if they practice safer sex. HPV vaccinations may be helpful in lowering a man's risk of contracting HPV again. And if a man does choose treatments rather than “watch and wait” methods, he will want to avoid sexual activity during the time it takes the body to heal.

No matter the penis problems a man might face, it pays to keep the penis in excellent health so it can better fight off penis warts and other issues. This can be helped along with a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . In addition to a wealth of vitamins and nutrients, a guy can also look for a crème that contains alpha lipoic acid, which helps fight excess free radicals that can lead to premature aging of the skin.

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Cholesterol and the Erect Penis

A healthy body is a wonderful thing for a man to have; few things are as precious as good health. It's also worth knowing that a man's overall health can also have an impact specifically on his penis health. Since men take great pride in penis health and the impressive erect penis that benefits from that health, guys should also spend time thinking about how things that affect their overall health may also sneak up and attack that erect penis. And what might be able to do such a thing? Well, one thing could be cholesterol.

About cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is naturally made in the liver. There's a “good” kind of cholesterol, usually called HDL, and a “bad” kind, known as LDL. HDL goes around and helps remove LDL, so having high levels of HDL is a good thing; but a high level of LDL is bad.

When there's a lot of LDL, it causes plaque to build up in the treaties. This excess plaque “narrows” the treaties, so that blood has a harder time flowing through them. (This is called atherosclerosis.) Sometimes it can result in heart attack or stroke. This is why it is so vital that men keep their cholesterol levels under control.

As mentioned, cholesterol is made naturally in the liver. But diet affects the ultimate amount of cholesterol in the body and usually is the reason why cholesterol levels get out of hand.

Erect penis issue

The fact that high cholesterol can affect the coronary arteries and lead to serious cardiac issues is the main reason to be concerned about cholesterol. But it can affect other arteries as well – including those that involve the penis and surrounding areas.

When plaque builds up in the penile arteries, it imposes the flow of blood – which is crucial for a properly functioning penis, especially in terms of attaining and maintaining anection. In addition, cholesterol is thought to impede production of nitric oxide, which is used to help keep blood vessels open. So bad cholesterol not only helps narrow arteries, it also decrees one of the elements which can help open them up – a double whammy for an erect penis!

In addition, some scientists believe that cholesterol affects production of testosterone. This male hormone is a key component in maintaining sex drive, so too much cholesterol may mean too little testosterone which in turn may mean a diminished sex drive.

What to do

Keeping bad cholesterol at bay is serious for a guy's health. There are several things a man can do if he wants to lower his cholesterol (after checking with his doctor to get approval).

– Maintain a low fat diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains and lean proteins. Avoid saturated fats and junk foods.

– Exercise. Bering physically active and keeping the body in better physical shape will also help keep cholesterol levels lower.

– Take medication. If the doctor recommends it, there are several mediations available which can help keep cholesterol levels in check.

Keeping cholesterol at an appropriate level will decrease the chances of an erect penis issue due to cholesterol. It also helps maintain overall penis health, which means a man's daily regimen should include application of a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Look for a crème that include vitamin B5. Why? Because B5 is also known as pantothenic acid, and pantothenic acid is thought to help fight against LDL cholesterol. In addition, the crème should include L-arginine. This is an amino acid which plays a role in boosting nitric oxide – and since cholesterol can dampen nitric oxide production (which opens penile blood vessels), this can be a plus.

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Can BPAs Damage a Healthy Penis?

Practicing regular penis care is one habit from which every man can benefit. After all, maintaining a healthy penis is a prerequisite for having a happy (and active) penis. In addition to taking typical steps like washing regularly and giving it plenty of exercise, guys need to look into other issues which could adversely affect their manhood. One which has arisen in recent years, surprisingly, is the effect BPAs can have on a healthy penis.

About BPAs

BPA is short for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical that has been used for years in the manufacture of some plastics. Many of these plastics are used with foods and beverages. For example, many water bottles are made of plastics that contain BPAs, as are a lot of plastic take-out food containers and some canned food containers.

BPAs came into the news when it was discovered that using products with BPAs in a microwave – as often when a person re-heats their leftover take-out food – may cause the BPAs to leach out of the plastic and into the food. Some studies indicate that this leakage can also occur even when these products are not exposed to significant amounts of heat.

In general, the FDA believes that the amount of BPAs that leaks into bottles or containers over normal usage is small enough to be safe; however, there is concern about the amount that might come from heating these products. In addition, there is some concern that even small amounts may be damaging to young children or fetuses.

The health penal issue

So how does all this affect the penis? Again, the jury is still out, but there are some areas of possible concern.

Most prominently, many scientists believe that exposure to PBAs could result in decreased fertility in men. The general rate of male fertility has been declining for several decades, and the reasons for this are still unclear. However, one theory is that chemicals which affect the endocrine gland may be playing a role – and BPAs fit that bill. BPAs can affect the endocrine glands, and in doing so it creates a product which is kind of a copy of estrogen.

In a study involving rats, part of the group was exposed to BPAs and part was not. Male rats in the exposed group had a significantly lower sperm count than those in the group which was not exposed to BPAs. And a study involving men found that those with high BPAs had 23% lower sperm counts.

A 2009 study also found that BPA exposure could result in a reduced sex drive and a much greater likelihood of erectile dysfunction. However, it's important to note that the men in this study all worked at plants that manufactured products with BPAs; they therefore were exposed to much higher concentrations of BPAs than the normal male would be.

While more studies are needed, it seems likely that long term exposure to BPAs could present a risk to a man's healthy penis. Limiting that exposure by using containers that are not made of plastic, or that are labeled “BPA free” if they are made of plastic, can be a big help, as can avoiding plastic containers for the purposes of reheating food.

Avoiding BPAs is not all that a man must do to maintain a healthy penis. Regularly applying a top rank penal health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) should also be a part of his care regimen. For best results, he should select a crème that includes vitamins A, B5, C, D and E; applying these vitamins via a topical crème can more directly target their benefits to the penis. The crème should also include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the risk of oxidative stress by destroying excess free radicals.

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