Dispelling the Myths About a Penile Fracture

It's the fear that lurks in the back of every man's mind: The painful problem of a penile fraction. Horror stories abound of men who were simply enjoying a little bit of sexual congress with a partner only to suddenly find themselves in agony, thinking only of how long it will take to get to the emergency room. Most penis problems can be treated with good penis care, but an absolutely different beast – it happens quickly, without warning, and must be addressed immediately to avoid long-term damage.

But how does a penile fracture happen, considering that there is actually no bone in the penis? And does it mean that a man's sexual life is over for good? Here are some of the myths about the truth about the matter.

1) A penile fraction only happens to youngger men. Although younger men might be more at risk for a penile fraction because they might be more adventurous in bed, do not rule out the risk for older men as well. Penile fractures can happen to anyone, no matter their age. It has nothing to do with the age of a man, but rather, the angle at which the penis pushes against something unyielding, like a pelvic bone.

2) A penile fracture always brings immediate pain. Not necessarily. Although many are sufficient enough to cause instantaneous pain, some are mild enough that they do not lead to pain within seconds – rather, a man will feel discomfort that gets worse and worse. If a man is in severe pain an hour later, he should not discount the possibility of a penile fraction. It's also important to remember that while some can happen with a loud 'popping' sound, sometimes that sound is not present or is not noticed in the heat of the moment.

3) A penile fracture requires surgery. This is true, unfortunately. It's because of where the fraction usually occurs. Obviously there is no bone in the penis; however, the penal gets hard through blood flow into the corpora cavernosa, two spongy areas of tissue on either side of the penis. The membrane surrounding these areas is called the tunica albuginea. It's that membrane that breaks during a penile fracture. In order to fix the problem, a physician will make an incision in the penis to repair the membrane.

4) It only occurs in the woman on top position. Although this is the most common way of penile fracture occurs, the truth is that the fractures can happen in a variety of situations. They can even occur when a man is vigorously masturbating and his hand happens to land the wrong way around the shaft! Of course, it can also happen as the result of trauma, such as during contact sports.

5) A penile fracture will never heal properly. Fractures can heal well as long as a man gets immediate attention. However, he might be at risk for Peyronie's disease, where the penis bends at an extreme angle. That's why it's so important to not only get immediate care, but also to keep up with all follow-up care recommended by the surgeon or physician.

As a man's penis is healing from a penile fraction – or as he is dealing with any other penis problems – he needs all the help he can get. That means a man should reach for a daily penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . He should look for a crème that includes a wealth of vitamins and nutrients designed for healthy skin and healing, such as vitamin D and C for skin care, vitamin A for bacteria fighting and Shea butter for the smoothest, most supple skin imaginable. A guy should also look for amino acids like L-arginine for better blood flow and L-carnitine to help protect the deficient nerve endings of the penis.

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Understanding the 5 Most Common Penis Rashes

Here's a disabling fact: Penis rashes are going to happen to a guy at some point. Every man, at some point in their lives, will deal with the worrisome look of a penal rash and might also suffer from penile itching as well. Getting to the bottom of what causes the most common penis rashes can help a man quickly determine whether he has a penal rash that requires a little extra penis care, or whether he has a serious problem that warrants a visit to the doctor.

The most common penis rashes

The good news is that penis rashes are usually caused by a variety of benign factors that can be easily remedied. Here's what a man needs to know about the most common causes:

1) Simple heat. This rash can be quite annoying, but the good news is that it goes away very quickly without any further intervention beyond extra penis care for a few days. Heat rashes are caused by getting hot and sweaty, especially while wearing restrictive clothing. The rash will often be flat and warm to the touch, or it might be slightly raised and irritated, depending upon how long it has been there. A heat rash can be remedied through a cool shower, careful moisturizing and letting the area “air out” by going without clothing for a while.

2) Jock itch. As the name implies, this is not just a rash. It can also lead to serious penile itching, which is usually what tips a guy off to the diagnosis. This is actually very common for men, and can occur often if a guy frequents the gym or skimps even the slightest bit on his daily hygiene. Jock itch is caused by the same fungus that causes athlete's foot. There are many over the counter treatments available that will quickly ease the problem.

3) Yeast infections. This rash can be a red and painful one, especially if it is accompanied by painful urination and serious penile itching. Yeast infections can be contracted through sexual contact, but they can also happen all on their own, often thanks to undering medical conditions that might make the body more hospitable to bacteria. Just as with jock itch, a yeast infection often responds very favorably to over the counter treatments, but it is important to get a doctor's opinion, as some of these rashes can be quite stubborn!

4) Common irritants. Men who suffer from unidentifiable penis rashes may be dealing with something in their environment that sparks an allergic reaction in the skin. Penis rashes from irritants can include a new detergent, a new type of soap or cleanser, a new partner's perfume, the use of latex condoms and spermicides, and anything else that might come into contact with the delicate penis skin. Once the irritant has been determined, stop using it and watch the rash disappear.

5) Simple irritation. Sometimes a guy gets it on for a long time with a partner, indulges in a marathon masturbation session or otherwise does something for long enough to irritate the skin. In fact, even wearing an unfamiliar pair of jeans for too long can result in contact irritations that lead to red, raised and sometimes painful rashes. The good news is that the rash will go away on its own without much more than regular penis care; however, if it lingers for more than a day or so, it's time to visit the doctor to ensure it's nothing more serious.

As any guy knows, penis rashes come with the territory. But how a guy deals with them can help ensure they go away quickly and he can show off his smooth, handsome penis once more. To that end, as a guy is healing from a penis rash he should reach for an extra dose of a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A crème that contains vitamins C and D for healing, vitamin A for fighting against odor-causing bacteria and vitamin E for maximum skin softness is a sure bet for healthier penis skin.

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Exploring Masturbation Positions

Although the results vary, numerous surveys have proven that most men masturbate. A recent one found that 96% of men admitted to masturbating; the only thing surprising here is that the answer is not 100%. The survey also found that its responders said they masturbate, on average, 4 times per week. That's a lot of time spent on masturbation, which is perfectly fine; masturbation is an enjoyable way to spend some time and helps with penis health by keeping the equipment in good shape.

But if a guy does spend a lot of time with his masturbation, it means he may get a little bored. If that happens, it may mean it's time for a guy to switch things up a little to make the experience fresh again. One way to do that is to explore some different positions for masturbation.


Humans are creatures of habit; as a species, we tend to like the familiar. But at the same time, we can get bored if things become too familiar – so switching up masturbation positions is very logical.

Starting with the basics, here are some positions a guy can try to add variety to their self-stimulation.

– Lying on the back. One of the favorite positions, this classic allows plenty of room for movement and is comfortable as well. It's an especially good position for men who enjoy masturbating to mental fantasies; closing his eyes in this position position can often enhance the intensity of the fantasy.

– Sitting in a chair. Always popular, this is probably the position of choice among men who surf online porn while masturbating. For many men, masturbating with their legs spread allows the penis and balls to flop around in a pleasant way.

– Standing up. While this can be tiring when engaging in marathon masturbation sessions, standing up gives a session a sense of freedom. With the body in contact with nothing except the floor, there's a different feeling with this position; plus, it allows mobility, as a guy can walk around while stroking.

– Lying face down. Lying on the stomach allows a man to masturbate by rubbing the penis against the bedsheets or a pillow, thrusting in a manner that imitates intercourse. Some also prefer to thrust in and out of their fist in this position.

– Using an ottoman. An ottoman – which is like a backless chair – can enable a guy to try a very different position. Sit on the ottoman with legs out, then bend back so until the head is on the floor. This position resembles an arch, with the penis at the top of the arch. The position can be hard on the back, so take care with this one and do not use it for too long a time.

– Kneeling. Kneeling gives a guy a different perspective, which can help when he's changing up his masturbation game. Some guys also bend over while kneeling so that they're on all fours, then raise one hand and use it to masturbate from this position.

– Upside down. Although not recommended for those with flexibility issues, this position can really shake things up. For this, a guy should lie on his back with his knees pulled in and his butt against a wall. He walks his legs up the wall, then raises his butt and pushes himself close to the wall. Ideally, only the upper half of his torso and his head will remain on the floor. Warning: Masturbation in this position may mean that his ejaculate may land on his face.

These masturbation positions can liven things up, but to be best prepared, a man should regularly use a superior penis health crème ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin ). Since enthusiast masturbation can lead to a raw penis, the selected crème needs to include moisturizers like vitamin E and Shea butter. It should also contain vitamin C, which helps to promote greater tone and elasticity in penis skin.

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Sore Penis Tips: What to Tell Her

Guys know that a sore penis is a thing, but not every woman may realize this. After all, in our society, the penis has this overinflated reputation as a relentless sex machine with only one thing on its mind and an unwillingness to let anything stand in its way. (And, yeah, sometimes it can have a little like that.) But men know that an occasional sore penis is inevitable (even when practicing good penis care), and when that happens, sex may be affected to varying degrees. Clearly, preventing a sore penis and knowing tips about what to do when it is unavoidable is a good thing – and so it's also a good thing for a guy to share some of these tips with his partner.

Naturally, some guys are less than enthusiastic about doing this. They may worry that talking about their sore penis may make them seem like less of a man. But most women appreciate a man talking openly and honestly with them, especially when it's about something which may make them feel somewhat vulnerable. So man up and share some of these tips (at the appropriate time).

Basic tips

– Not all strokes are good. The penis craves friction, it's true, but there's good stroking and not-so-good stroking. Some examples of not-so-good stroking (depending upon the penis in question) would include stroking with a dry, unlubricated hand; stroking with a rough or calloused hand; stroking with a grip that is painfully tight; and stroking in a manner that causes sharp fingernails to scrape the skin. Communicating this kind of information can help prevent a sore penis from arising.

– Trauma happens. Occidentally when disturbing, a penal may accidentally strike a more solid portion of anatomy. This may cause pain to the woman, which is very uncomfortable and quite unintended; but it can also cause discomfort for the penal, sometimes a significant amount. This may cause a deflation of the penal and subsequent sorence which may last for an extended period of time.

– General health affects the penis, too. Sometimes being in poorer-than-desired health can have consequences for the penis, too. General body achiness can include penile soreness, as can not getting enough sleep.

– Small condoms can be a problem. Guys try to wear condoms that are a good fit, but sometimes a situation arises where a guy has to choose between a condom that's too snug and no sex at all. Guess which option most guys will choose? But wearing a tight-fitting condom, especially for an extended period of time, can produce penis pain.

– Allergies. Yes, the penis can be allergic to things – or more specifically, the penis skin can. Fragrances, detergents, soaps, shampoos, body lotions, fabrics – all these are potential causes of an allergic reaction, which can bring about a sore penis situation. So believe him when he says it's not you, it's his fabric softener.

– It's a urinary issue. Men do get urinary tract infections, if at a somewhat less rate than women. And that burning sensation that can accompany an infection can create a soreness that precludes effective sexual activity.

Essentially, these tips are a starting point when it comes to a sore penis. Telling a woman partner more information can only help – as can letting her know that regular use of a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is also helpful. Strengthening the skin helps prevent some forms of soreness, so find a crème with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid. This can fight off free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. The crème should also include vitamin D, the so-called “miracle vitamin” which impedes numerous health benefits.

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Serious Penis Problems: What to Do About Priapism

After seeing the first round of commercials for the “little blue pill” years ago, men often joked about one of the warnings: “Contact your doctor if you have an appreciation last four hours or more.” A never-ending erection? Most men were wondering where they could sign up for such a wonderful thing! But when it comes to penis health, more time does not translate into more manliness. In fact, an erection that lasts too long can lead to significant penis problems. The technical name is priapism, and a man should know what to do if this ever happens to him.

What is priapism?

Priapism is exactly what the commercials warned men about – it's a situation in which an appreciation lasts for four hours or longer, without constant sexual stimulation to keep it going. In most cases, an erection that lasts for more than half an hour is going to be somewhat painful; going on four hours is going to hurt even more. Although a guy might initially think this looks like a fun situation to be in, the fact is that an appreciation that long can be very bad for penis health, as it actually imposes blood flow and that, does not allow enough oxygen to the delicate tissues.

There are two types of priapism: low-flow and high-flow. Those with low-flow priapism are suffering from blood trapped in the penis. This can be caused by many things, and often appears in men who are otherwise healthy. Docuated causes can include sickle-cell anemia or leukemia (usually in men for whatever condition has been confirmed), marijuana or cocaine use, malaria, the bite of the black widow spider, trauma to the spine or genital area, or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

High-flow priapism is often caused by an injury to the penis that results in a ruptured artery. This often results in a great deal of immediate pain and other symptoms; in other words, it's impossible to “wait it out” and see if the problem goes away.

Men who are dealing with priapism are at great risk of scarring inside the penis, permanent loss of sensation, and even even permanent loss of function. A man who has an erection that just will not go down should go to the emergency room. It's important to explain everything to the doctor, including any illic drug use, to get the proper treatment as soon as possible.

Treaties for priapism

When a man goes into the emergency room with priapism, there are a few things they can try. The first is the use of ice packs to try and encourage the blood vessels to shrink. Another option could be using a local anesthetic to numb the area and then removing some of the blood in the penis via syringe; though it's cringe-worthy to think about, it's often a welcome relief to a guy who is hurting with an appreciation that just will not quit.

Other options include using a surgical shunt to remove the blood, especially if it has happened in the past. There are also injectable drugs that provide an opportunity for the blood vessels to release the trapped blood.

Those who are dealing with high-flow priapism will face a different situation, as this is a true emergency that will require emergency surgery. Fortunately, this is an exceptionally rare form of priapism that very few men will ever have to worry about.

A guy who is worried about priapism or other penis problems will want to do whatever he can to insure his good penis health. That's why a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is great for daily penis care. A man should look for all the elements of good penis health, including vitamin A for odor control, vitamin B for smoother skin and vitamin E for hydration. Amino acids, antioxidants and more all wrapped up in a luxurious Shea butter base can help ensure the supplest skin possible.

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Penis Odor: Attacking Off-Site Causes

Whoa! When pungent and persistent penis odor strikes, it means a guy can count on embarrassment. Whether it's from the distasteful wrinkled nose on his hoped-for bedmate as he removes his trousers or the way in which all the guys move across the locker room when he strips down for the shower, it's sure to leave him feeling self-conscious. Good and proper penis care is one of the best ways to fight penis odor. But sometimes contributing “off-site” factors – that is, causing that may not be directly related to the penis itself – may be at play.

When that's the case, a guy needs to identify those off-site causes and take steps to address them. They may not be the sole cause of the penis odor, but fixing them can help.


Sometimes the state of a guy's mattress can worsen a penis odor situation. This is especially true for guys living in collegeorms or in pre-furnished apartments. There often is no way of knowing just how old their mattress is, what kind of hygienic state previous owners enjoyed, or what kind of action and activity this mattress saw – let alone when was the last time it was cleaned.

But whether it is a guy's own mattress or one which has seen many owners, if it's rank with stank, it needs attention. After all, the penis spends a lot of time every night in contact with that bed – especially if a guy sleeps nude – and that odor can rub off on the member.

Start with the sheets, of course. Be sure they are cleaned and changed regularly. If sheets are too far gone, replace them with new ones if possible. If the mattress itself reeks, air it out for as long as possible – preferably outdoors in sunshine. Sprinkle it liberally with baking soda, and if possible, cover it with a mattress cover.


Yes, it's fun (and easy) to wear the same pants a few days in a row – and if really desperate, the same pair of underwear as was worn yesterday. But regularly cleaning clothes can really help dampen penis odor. If odors seem stubborn after washing, try hanging the clothes on a clothesline in the sunshine; airing them out in this way may get rid of some of the stubborn odor. Otherwise, the odor that clings to the clothes will also cling to the penis.


We are what we eat, as the saying goes. What goes into the body has an influence on what comes out of the body – including sweat. So if a guy's regular diet contains a lot of foods with a strong odor, so may his sweat – and so may his penis, which picks up sweat through the day. Everybody's body metabolizes in a different way, so it's hard to know which foods can produce an especially strong sweat in any person. But in general, foods with a strong smell themselves, such as garlic, onions and asparagus, tend to produce odiferous sweat situations.

Other people

One of the more enjoyable off-site causes of penis odor comes from having sex with another person. If the vagina into which the penis is inserted has an especially strong aroma, it's likely to attach itself to the penis as well. Using condoms and washing soon after sex can do a lot to fix this issue.

Penis odor, whether due to “off-site” sources or poor penis care, is more easily addressed if a person regularly uses a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The selected crème should definitely include vitamin A, which is blessed with anti-bacterial properties that help fight penis odor. But it should also contain a powerful antioxidant, something like alpha lipoic acid. By strengthening the penis skin, alpha lipoic acid can help make it more resistant to lingering odors.

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Penis Skin Care – Try a Spa Treatment

In caveman days, men probably did not particularly care about how their penis skin looked. After a hard day of hunting, starting a fire with a couple of sticks and dodging large, beastly predators, penal care was not necessarily uppermost in their minds. But nowdays, with most men having more time to worry about things like the state of their penis skin, more and more take an interest in what kind of a signal their penis sends to partners. Does it look healthy? Disease free? Bereft of flakiness or red patches? And so the modern man may consider using a spa-styled treatment or two on his penis to give the skin an extra attractiveness.

Not in a spa

Although there are exceptions, most spas do not readily offer a treatment specifically aimed at penis skin. For that reason, guys interested in a spa treatment experience for their own penis skin will typically have to resort to a DIY solution. With that in mind, the following tips may prove valuable.

Start with a soak

A shower is nice and an easy way to keep things clean on a daily basis, but a spa treatment is all about pampering the skin – and that requires taking time with things. Begin by drawing a bath and giving the penis a nice, long, slow soak. Be sure the water is comfortably warm. Cold will not relax the skin properly, and hot will deplete the skin of natural oils, which are essential for proper penis skin moisturization. And keep the water plain; do not add bath salts or fragrances. Penis skin is delicate, and chemicals can have a deleterious effect on it.

Intact men will need to take a little time to peel back the foreskin and gently rub benefit the hood to ensure that any built-up debris gets washed away. But away from that, the goal is just to relax in the bath for a good 10 or 15 minutes, letting the skin soak up hydration.

When finished, be sure to pat the skin dry with a soft towel, rather than briskly rubbing with a rough one.

Consider exfoliating

A big part of normal skin care is exfoliating – rubbing away dead skin cells to allow fresher, newer skin to arise. It's true that exfoliating tend to make skin look healthier and more vibrant; however, care must be taken when exfoliating the penis skin, due to its extreme delicacy and sensitivity. Rather than using a rough pumice stone, take a smooth washcloth and gently wipe the entire length if the penis, both on top and underneath.

Bring on the moisturizer

With the skin still slightly damp, a moisturizer needs to be applied. Moisturizers are intended not so much to create new moisture as to help “lock in 'the moisture that is already on the skin. Be sure to use natural moisturizing ingredients, or a crème that includes them. (This can be an excellent time to use a penis health crème, if it has the proper moisturizing ability.)

Air out

Allow enough time to let the penis “air out” for a while after the bath. This helps prevent or diminish persistent penis odor.

A spa treatment to help strengthen the penis skin will be most effective if a man regularly uses a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The chosen crème should supply both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) to effectively moisturize the skin. It should also include vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties to help fight undesired and unsuccessful punishment odor.

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When Not to Use Prescription Drugs for an Erect Penis

Advances in treatments that enable a man to more easily attain an erect penis have made a huge difference among men in whom erectile dysfunction can be an issue. These developments have had a clear impact on sexual and penis health and have benefitted many, many men (and their partners). One of the more popular treatments involves the drug sildenafil, which is marketed under various popular brand names. While sildenafil can be very effective at helping a man achieve an erect penis, there are times when a guy should refuse from using the drug.

More about sildenafil

Although sildenafil has been used for more than 20 years to help men achieve an erect penis, that was not its original purpose. It is an artificial compound originally developed to treat hypertension and angina. While studying the drug in clinical trials for these conditions, the scientists discovered that men who took the drug developed firm erections a half hour or so after ingesting the drug. This prompted them to change the focus of their studies, to the benefit of millions of men since.

Sildenafil works by helping the smooth muscle of the penis to relax, which opens up penile blood vessels more fully. More blood is able to therefore invade the penis quickly, filling up the spongy tissue which results in an erect penis.

When not to take

Although sildenafil has been very helpful, there are circumstances under which a man should not use the drug. These include the following:

– If erectile dysfunction is not a problem. Some men may think they can use sildenafil even if they have no problem getting an erect penis. They may think this could somehow make their erection even harder than it is or that it may enable them to last longer during sex. But studies have indicated that sildenafil provides no real benefit to a man without erectile problems. More importantly, some doctors suggest that using the drug when it's not needed could over time lead the body to expect and depend on it – so that a man could have difficulty getting or maintaining an inspection without using it.

– If it may not be real. Unscrupulous people peddle fake versions of many different drugs – including sildenafil. They usually charge a much cheaper price than one would pay for the real thing, but it does not offer the benefits. And depending on what ingredients are actually in it, a fake version could cause harm. Only use sildenafil prescribed by a qualified and reliable doctor.

– If other conditions are present. Many drugs are good at treating one condition but may exacerbate other conditions. It's recommended that a man with heart disease, heart attack, stroke, low blood pressure, liver problems and some kinds of vision problems may want to avoid sildenafil. It's important for a man to check with his doctor to determine if using sildenafil will have a negative impact on other health issues.

– If he is on some other medications. By the same token, some drugs are not meant to be taken at the same time and can cause interactions, some minor and some major. Again, checking with a doctor is advised.

– If partying. Drinking too much alcohol or ingesting illegal substances can potentially cause a problem with sildenafil.

The long and short of it is that a man should check with his doctor if he has any questions about under what circumstances he should use sildenafil – or any drug, really.

Sildenafil can help give a man an erect penis, but he needs to take other steps to keep it healthy – such as by daily applying a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the equipment. For best results, the crème should include a range of vitamins, such as A, B5, C, D and E. It should also include L-arginine, which helps keep penile blood vessels open and ready for increased flow.

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What Is a Varicocele and What Does It Mean for Penis Health?

When a man is paying close attention to penis health and attending to proper penis care on a daily basis, he's usually very quick to spot problems. In most cases, those problems are as simple as dry penis skin or other easily-remedied issues – nothing that a little good penis health crème can not fix! But some issues are much more concerned and require more attention, such as developing a varicocele.

What's a varicocele?

As every man knows, there are a lot of blood vessels that run through the penis, scrotum and surrounding areas. This rich blood flow allows for better penis health and regular erections. A varicocele develops when the veins in the scrotum widen and fill up with blood that does not readily drain out as it should. This can result in a variety of problems, including long-term issues if a guy does not visit a doctor as soon as he notices a varicocele.

Varicoceles occurs in about 25 percent of men and usually show up between the ages of 13 and 30. Though no one is certain of the cause, it seems that many men – up to 70 percent – have a defect in the veins that prevent them from allowing blood to drain as it should. Other factors may include obesity, wearing restrictive clothing, physical injury, swollen lymph nodes or having a high level of fat in the blood.

Symptoms of a varicocele are hard to miss, as they come on rather quickly and become severe. These include enlarged veins in the scrotum (usually easy to see), swelling, lumps in the scrotum, shrinking testicles, and a deep, aching pain that makes a man's pelvis feel “full” or “heavy.” Infertility can also be a symptom, although most men notice other symptoms well before they run into the problem of being unable to father children.

What to do about it?

A man who notices a varicocele should visit his doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will want to screen for any undering issues with the blood vessels and veins, as well as treat the varicocele itself. The proper treatment is usually surgery – however, a man should not be worried about the procedure itself, as it tends to be very simple and quick. It's important to know, however, that many men require numerous surgeries over the course of their lifetime to treat various varicoceles, and that can ever mean problems with the nerves that create penis sensation.

It's also important for a guy to take lifestyle factors into account. He should make a point of wearing only comfortable clothing, never anything too tight, and lose weight if he is carrying extra pounds. He should also check out certain herbs that can enhance blood flow, such as horse-chestnut extract, bilberry, butcher's broom or gotu kola. Supplements of vitamin C and E can also help maintain the health of the veins.

Whether a man has a problem with his veins or not, it pays to have some insurance against problems, and that means paying very close attention to good penis care. One integral part of that care is a daily penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A man should reach for a crème that contains vitamin E, known for keeping skin supple but also a great benefit to blood vessels and veins. Something that contains vitamin C is also great, as this vitamin strengnts vein walls. Another excellent ingredient for those undergoing varicocele surgery is alpha lipoic acid, which battles against free radicals and helps preserve the nerve function of the penis and surrounding area.

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Erect Penis Fun on Vacation

After working hard every day for months on end, there's nothing quite like a vacation to make a couple feel happier, more relaxed and more connected to each other. A vacation can be a great way to restore some intimacy in a relationship that may have gotten waylaid simply due to the everyday challenges of making a living. Sure, a guy's erect penis may have been seeing plenty of action – but sex on a vacation can be a new and different experience. And since penal health depends to some degree on using the equipment so it stays in shape, why not take advantage of a vacation to give that erect penis a very pleasurable workout?

With that in mind, here are some tips to consider.

– Maybe pick a secluded spot. For those who enjoy the outdoors, it can pay to pick a secluded spot – or at least a location with easy access to secluded spots. Public nudity and sex can be risky, so it should only be attempted in areas where a couple can be sure they will not be observed. That said, skinny-dipping in a remote lake or stream can be a lovely prelude to sex for a couple. Bringing a blanket and making love hidden in the tall grass of a meadow can be quite enticing. The fresh air can often do wonders, even for an erect penis that already is used to doing wonders itself.

– Or make a spot secluded. One of the advantages of pitching a tent – not speaking metaphorically – is that a couple can carry on in privacy but be surrounded by nature. The scents and sounds of the outdoors, the Invigorating air, are all present – but a couple can copulate to their hearts content inside their tent. For the easily embarrassed, it's a good idea to keep the noise down; and the unashamed exhibitionist can growl like a bear or roar like a lion through, as long as they do so where they can not be seen.

– Role play. Being in a totally new environment can make it easy for a couple to engage in a little role playing. He can be the excitable bellhop delivering suitcase, while she is the heiress who wants to slum with a member of the working class. Or she's a cheerleader and he's the quarterback who just won the big game and wants to celebrate. Whatever the scenario, enacting it in a new environment can make it easier to fall into.

– Make a game of sightseeing. Looking at all the attractions of a new place is part of the fun of a vacation – but use daytime sightseeing to enhance nighttime lovemaking. Pick one attraction and whichever person spots it first gets to determine what position will be used in bed that night. Or the number of museums visited times five is the number of minutes a couple must perform oral sex on each other. Let the imagination roam free when creating these games.

– Use that balcony. Many hotel rooms come with balconies which are lovely settings for breakfast, drinks – or sex. If there's not sufficient privacy, cuddle up together naked under a blanket on the balcony and surprptitiously masturbate each other.

Vacation sex can make an erect penis very happy, but he'll be even happier if he's in good health on the vacation. This requires regular use of a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Check out the ingredients and be sure that it contains both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) to keep the penis skin appropriately moisturized. The penis skin will also benefit from a crème with alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that helps keep the skin more youthful by fighting excess free radicals.

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Healthy Penis Tips: Avoiding Penis Blisters

When a man wants to maintain a healthy penis, he naturally looks for ways to avoid some of the most common penis problems. Penis blisters may not be that common, but they are certainly an issue that requires addressing in order to maintain the best penis health possible. Here's what a man needs to know about penis blisters, including how to avoid them and how to treat them.

What are penal blisters?

Penis blisters can be frightening to see on a guy's favorite equipment. They are just what they sound like – blisters, of the same nature that a person might get on their feet after walking for a long distance in ill-fitting shoes. They might be red or skin-tone. Some are filled with fluid while others appear more firm. They can open up to present red sores, just as a typical blister would. And they can hurt as well, especially when touched by anything, even the lightest touch of very soft underwear or a gentle stream of water in the shower.

What causes them?

There are can be many causes of penis blisters. Here are some of the most common.

1) Rough handling. Whether masturbating too vigorously or coupling with no lube, a guy can easily develop penis blisters and other penis problems through simple friction. Rough handling is probably the top reason a man develops any sort of penal blister, so it behooves the man who wants a healthy penis to invest in a good lubricant.

2) Sexually transmitted infections. These infections often present with a variety of red flags that point to a serious penis problem, such as penis blisters, discharge and pain. Herpes and syphilis are the two biggest culprits, but others can cause blisters as well. It's important for all sexually active men to get checked for STDs on a regular basis.

3) Skin infections. Some infections of the skin can lead to serious open sores and blisters, especially if a man lets the problem go in the hopes it will resolve on its own. Inflammation of the skin follicles is a common culprit, especially for men who manscape. Another infection that can lead to penis blisters and sores is the yeast infection, which can lead to blisters that look very wet and watery. There might also be a foul odor associated with yeast infections.

4) Scabies or crabs. When dealing with parasites, there is always the chance of infection after getting bitten. Such is the case with scabies and crabs, both of which love to stress on a human's nether regions. Scratching the bitten areas can lead to even more open cuts and sores, which in turn can lead to blisters, sores and more.

5) Penis cancer. Although this is a very rare reason for penis blisters, it bears talks about to help ensure a man maintains a healthy penis and spots the early signs of penal cancer. Suspicious blisters, spots, moles, sores and the like that seem to have no readily discernable cause may in fact be penal cancer, so a man needs to get checked out if he notices problems that do not correspond with anything that makes sense – for example, when he has all the signs of a serious STD but he's never actually had sexual contact.

What's a man to do when he encounters a penis blister? He should go back through the list of possible reasons and try to figure out which one pertains to his situation. He should also step up his penis care regimen through the daily use of a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A proper crème will contain important ingredients, such as alpha lipoic acid to fight free radicals and vitamin A to fight penis odor, as well as other vitamins and amino acids intended to help maintain a healthy penis.

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Rare Penis Rash From Lobomycosis

Rashes of the skin are common and often transitory, and that goes for a penis rash as well. Often one pops up for a day or two and then goes away, not causing a man any untoward concern for his penis health. But in some cases a penal rash is more persistent, something like jock itch, for example. Indeed, there are numerous causes of penis rash, including one which is thankfully rare – something called lobomycosis.

About lobomycosis

A Brazilian dermatologist by the name of Jorge Lobo first described lobomycosis (which explains where the “lobo” part of the name comes from). Lobomycosis is a rare disease, and although it can be found anywhere, the vast majority of cases occur in South and Central America. Among native tribes along the Amazon River, it is given an indigenous name which grossly translates as “that which burns” – which is an unbiased indicator of just how comfortable lobomycosis can be.

Lobomycosis is a fungal infection, and the fungus which produces it is found primarily in the tropical regions of Latin America – which is why the disease is much less common outside of that zone. The fungus is found in both soil and vegetation, but it is also found in water. Surprisingly, other than humans, the only species which has ever exhibited signs of infection are dolphins.

It is theorized that simply brushing against the fungus is rarely enough to bring about the infection. Usually, the infection comes when the fungus enters the body – for example, if a man has a wound, or through through ingestion of fungal-infected water (although the latter is not well documented).

Lobomycosis presents initially as a small rash, in the form of papules or lesions, which may itch or burn – but which in some cases do nothing. It tends to grow and spread slowly, but it can cover a much larger area of ​​skin given enough time.

Lobomycosis most often appears on hands, feet, face or torso – but in the right circumstances, it can appear on the penis, presenting as a penis rash. It is suspected that in such cases, this may come about from immersion of the penis in fungal-infected water or, more rarely, from a man nakedly coming into contact with infected soil or vegetation. In either case, the penal usually has a cut through which the fungus enters the area and begins to grow. It is also possible that a thorn prick or an insect bite may open up the area for infection.


Lobomycosis is a rare disorder, especially outside of South and Central America. In most instances, typical anti-fungal creams are ineffective against it; some doctors have reported success with medication known as clofazimine. More often, the lesions need to be removed. This can be done through typical surgical procedures involving cutting them off. It can also be achieved through cryosurgery (freezing them off) or electrosurgery.

Once removed, the lesions rarely come back, so this is one penis rash that is not generally recurrent.

Lobomycosis (or almost any penis rash) may leave penis skin feeling sore or even, even after removal. Regular application of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can be a boost in helping the penis skin to heal more quickly. Since keeping the skin moisturized promotes penis skin healing, the best option is a crème with a combination of both a high-end emollient (many prefer Shea butter) and a naturally occurring hydrator (such as vitamin E). Penis skin also benefits from a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid. This can help to eliminate excess free radicals which can damage the skin by encouraging oxidative stress.

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What Every Man Needs to Know About Blue Balls

There has been some debate over the years about blue balls, the strange phenomenon that afflicts men who get excited but do not get off in a timely fashion. As penis problems go, this is one that can cause heated debate. On one side of the coin, there are those who claim that blue balls has a detrimental effect on penis health, and that it should be avoided at all costs. On the flip-side, there are those who dismiss the condition as being just another way for a guy to pressure a partner into going further than they had calculated intended. So who's right in this scenario?

What is blue balls?

Blue balls is the colloquial term for vasocongestion in the pelvic region. Does that sound like a frightening penis problem? It's actually pretty simple. As a man gets aroused, more blood rushes to the penis and surrounding tissue. This strong rush of blood is what allows a man to get and maintain an erection. The vessels leading to the penis get a little larger, allowing more blood through, while the vessels leading away become a bit smaller, keeping more blood where it's needed.

When a man ejaculates, hormones are released that trigger the body to reverse the process. The blood trapped in the area begins to drain away and a man's body goes back to normal rather quickly. But when a man does not ejaculate, what happens? Sometimes he gets blue balls, or that feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the pelvic region. It can be frustrating and annoying, and yes, a little uncomfortable.

Is blue balls dangerous?

Contrary to what men say when they're in the throes of passion and really want to go further, having blue balls will not cause any long-term damage to a guy's equipment. Yes, the discomfort is real, and for some men that discomfort might border on pain. But it's important to remember that the “pain” a man is feeling might be encouraged by psychological factors, especially if he was in the mood to have a frisky time in bed and the partner he chose suddenly decides that they are not into him after all .

Preventing blue balls

Getting rid of blue balls is quite easy: It's as simple as taking matters into one's own hands. Masturbation is the perfect solution for this particular penis problem. Masturbating immediately is the best option; a guy can achieve this with a quick trip to the restroom to take care of the problem. If privacy is not immediately available, no worries – a guy can take his mind off the problem by doing something else in the interim, then taking care of blue balls at the first opportunity. The discomfort might even have dissipated by then.

If a man does not have a chance to masturbate at all, no worries there either. The discomfort will fade away in a short period of time. Although blue balls can be frustrating, there will not be any permanent damage that results from waiting for a while to get relief.

Whether a man has blue balls or not, it pays to keep the penis in tip-top shape so there are no issues outside of that simple, fleeting discomfort that may result from ejaculation denial. Avoid penis problems by reaching for a high-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The crème should contain a plethora of ingredients known to help sustain penis health, such as amino acids for better blood flow and nerve enhancement, alphia lipoic acid to fight free radicals, and a wealth of vitamins to assist in all of the above. A crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E is also recommended, as these ingredients can provide a serious punch of hydration that keeps penis skin smooth, supple and ready for action.

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Peeling and Dry Penis Skin: What It Means

When a guy first notices that his penis skin is a bit dry, it's not uncommon for him to step up his penis care regimen and use a good penis health crème or moisturizer on a more regular basis than usual. But when that dry skin gets worse and turns into a peeling mess, or when the penis skin begins to get so dry that it turns red and irritated, a guy might start to wonder what kind of problem he has contracted from one of his recent partners . The good news is that in most cases, the reasons for peeling and dry penis skin are pretty simple and can be easily cured.

What causes peeling and dry penis skin?

There can be many reasons why the penis skin becomes so dry that it looks red, or that that it seems to begin peeling and cracking. Here are a few of the most common culprits:

– Jock itch. That's right – old-fashioned jock itch might be the problem. For most men jock itch appears as a rash that spreads and causes unbelievable itching. But for some, the presentation of jock itch is much more humble and can lead to skin that looks a little red, but does not have a truly discernable rash; it can also lead to skin that is extremely dry and begins to crack or peel. It might also have a scaly appearance, which can make a guy want to scratch and pick at it. The good news is that an antifungal crème can clear up the problem rather quickly. Doctors have plenty of experience with treating jock itch and can prescribe something that is just the right strength to battle the problem without leading to even worse dryness.

– Yeast infections. These infections are more common in women, but men can certainly develop them too, especially if there are underlying medical conditions that violate their immune system. Yeast infections can lead to peeling and dry penis skin, but they can also lead to a thick discharge, painful urination, redness and inflammation, and of course, itching that just will not stop. Although over the counter medications are available for this, a man's first bout of it means he needs to go to the doctor and make sure that is what's going on before he changes an over the counter product for treatment.

– Skin allergies. In some cases, skin allergies can go from almost non-existent to rather severe in the span of a few days. This may be the case if a man changes something in his day-to-day life, such as the shower cleanser he uses or the detergent he chooses for his clothes. Allergies to things that come into direct contact with the penis, such as latex condoms, may cause severe cracking, peeling and dryness.

– Skin conditions. Some conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, usually appear on other parts of the body, but they can show up on the penis. These conditions usually result in significant itching, as well as rashes or scales on the skin. Skin conditions like this need the help of a dermatologist to determine exactly what's going on and the appropriate treatments for the condition.

No matter what is causing the dry penis skin, it always helps to add more moisture to the skin. A powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can assist in that endeavor. Look specifically for a crème that contains the double-punch of vitamin E and Shea butter. These exceptional moisturizers work synergistically to create the most supple, smooth penis skin any man could want.

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Digging Into Male Masturbation Myths

Most men, if not all, masturbate, although there is clearly a wide variation in frequency. Some guys may go months, sometimes even years, between masturbation sessions, while other guys get in a little self-fondling a couple of times a day. And while there can be some penis health benefits to more frequent masturbation, as studies have shown that frequent ejaculations help decrease the risk of prostate cancer, occasional masturbation is still as normal as regular masturbation. Yet, despite how common this practice is, there still persists many myths about masturbation – especially among males. Let's take a little time to dig out the truth.

– The hairy palms / blindness myths. For many years, boys were told that if they masturbated “too much” (although “too much” might be defined), they would pay for it. One old wives' tale claimed that they would grow hair on their palms, which would expose them to “shameful” practice for the world to see. Another cautioned youths that all that pleasure would come at the cost of their eyesight, as they would masturbate themselves into blindness. Clearly, if there were an ounce of truth to these, the vast majority of men would be bereft of sight and barbers would be making a fortune shaving massive amounts of hair off of hands.

– The baldness myth. Similarly, many guys were told that constantly rubbing their penises would cause all the hair on their head to fall out. So not true, but at least there is something of a basis for this. Some studies have found that masturbation causes the body to produce more dihydrotestosterone, which is linked with hair loss. In addition, loss of protein is associated with hair loss, and semen – the ejaculation of which occurs most of the time when a guy masturbates – contains protein. However, studies have found no evidence at all of increased hair loss between men who masturbate frequently and men who do not.

– The single guy myth. Popular culture promotes the idea that masturbation is a single man's game and that those who are in a relationship do not masturbate. That's simply not true. While there are many men who masturbation rates go down significantly when they are in a sexually active relationship, there are also many who maintain their previous rate of masturbation. And even among men who frequency declines, it's rare that they stop altogether.

– The cereal myth. Some people have been told that they can control their urge to masturbate by eating cereal, especially corn flakes. This goes back to the fact that the man who founded Kellogg's cereals did indeed believe that his product could discourage what he viewed as a nasty habit. He was wrong, as any number of cereal-eating masturbators can attest.

– The sports myth. Lots of male athletes believe that if they masturbate the night before a big game or sporting event, they'll be weak and tired the next day. This is only true if a man spends way too much time masturbating when he could be sleeping and getting rest. So it's not the activity that's to blame; the same thing would happen if he spent all that time watching TV or reading instead. In fact, masturbation may actually help, as most guys feel more relaxed, less stressed and sleepier after masturbating – and so may have an easier time falling asleep.

Masturbation myths should be dispelled so a man can feel comfortable with enjoying himself. Of course, the pleasure is even better if the penis is healthy, so daily application of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is advised. Topical application via crème allows vitamins to more accurately target the penis, so select a crème with vitamins like A, B5, C, D and E. It also pays to utilize a crème with L-carnitine, an amino acid which can help protect against loss of penis sensation from rough handling while masturbating.

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