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Penis Odor: Find Out What Causes This Common Problem

It's no surprise that most men deal with penis odor at some point in their lives. After all, the groin is an ideal incubator for not-so-pleasant aromas. It's hot, dark and humid and trapped beneath layers of clothing. It's no wonder why some of most common penal concerns refer to odor.

But just because it's a common problem does not mean you have to live with a smelly penis. While its embarrassing to talk about, most causes of penal odor can be fixed with simple lifestyle changes. Other more severe causes of unpleasant smells can also be reversed with proper identification and prevention.

Quick Fixes

Often, the cause of penal odor can be resolved with minimal lifestyle changes. Here are some of the most common, non-threatening reasons a penal might smell.

Improper hygiene : Like any other part of your body, its essential to thoroughly clean your groin area. Many men often neglect to specifically wash their penis, but it's an important showering step that can not be forgotten. For men who are uncircumcised, this is doubly important. Sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells can build up underneath the foreskin, causing a distinct, fishy odor. Uncircumcised men should always be sure to pull back the foreskin completely while showering and wash the area underneath with warm water and a mild soap.

A dysfunctional haircut : An overgrowth of pubic hair is not just unsightly, it can be smelly, too. Groin-area hair can often trap dampness, resulting in a less-than-ideal musky scent. Particularly thick hair will also prevent the skin underneath from staying cool and dry. But not to fear; men do not need to shave themselves bare in order to prevent unpleasant odors. Those with particularly full or thick hair, however, may want to considering trimming themselves to keep odors at bay.

Never Properly Drying : After a shower, men may not thoroughly dry themselves prior to getting dressed, especially during the hot, humid summer months. However, getting dressed with a damp or even slightly moist groin area is an easy way to wind up with a smelly penis. Odor-causing bacteria thrills in damp, dark areas, making a post-shower groin a prime target. This common problem can be resolved merely by including the entire groin area is dry before getting dressed.

More Serious Problems

Sometimes, smells can be an indication that a much more serious problem is at hand. If the above problem does not apply to you, but you're still experiencing unpleasant smells, consider these other common culprits.

Yeast Infection : While this is often more thought of as a problem impacting women, men are capable of contracting a yeast infection as well. Caused by a fungus called candida, yeast infections can occur by being in contact with someone else with one or poor hygiene. Symptoms typically include a distinct, fishy smell accompanied by a thick, white cheese-like substance. Men also find that these infections come with a burning or itchy red rash. An antifungal crème is required to rid oneself of a yeast infection.

Urinary Tract Infection : Another common medical problem more often occurring in women, men can be susceptible to urinary tract infections is their hygiene is not up to par. This type of infection occurs when bacteria, most often e. coli, makes its way into the urethra. The trademark symptoms of a urinary tract infection is a frequent urge to urinate and burning while voiding. A man with this type of infection will also notice that his urine has an incompetent odor, which can often linger in the groin area. An antibiotic is required to clear up a urinary tract infection.

Prevention is always key

As with many penal ailments, proper hygiene and prevention is the best way to keep unpleasing penis smells at bay. When showers, always be sure to specifically cleanse the entire penis using warm water and a mild soap and after showering, always completely dry the entire groin area. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is a great way to be proactive about penis odor as well. If odor is your main concern, be sure to pick a crème that includes vitamin A, which is known for its ability aid with odor control.

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Penis Rash? How to Spot a Latex Allergy

For many men, allergies are just a fact of life. But what to do if one has an allergic reaction to latex, the material that most condoms are made of? Condoms, of course, are an essential step to engaging in safe sex, making an allergy a real problem to manage. But a penis latex allergy is no reason to risk contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Luckily, for men that deal with this affliction there are many non-latex condom options on the market.

How to Detect a Latex Allergy

Only a doctor can officially diagnose a latex allergy, but there are many ways to detect a man may be experiencing an adverse reaction to this material.

1) Burning Sensation: One of the most common symptoms of a latex allergy is a burning sensation on the penis. If the burning discomfort goes away once the condom is removed, it may be a sign that an allergy is present. However, if the discomfort lingers well after the condom removal, it may be a sign that the burning is being caused by something else.

2) Penis rash: If you've repeatedly exposed your penal to latex, you may develop a bankruptcy rash from the allergy. Typically, the symptoms of a latex allergy will grow more severe with increase exposure to the material. In other words, the more often you exposure your penis to latex, the more severe your symptoms will be each time your pen comes in contact with latex. After repeated use, a penal rash may occur from latex condoms. A rash caused by a latex allergy will typically be red or pink and may flake when scratched.

3) Blisters: After extended exposure to latex, a man may experience blisters on his penis from his allergy. These unsightly sores are caused by the immune system trying to defending itself against the latex, which, because of the allergy, it has deemed a threat to the body. These blisters will usually be water-filled and can be very painful. Under no circumstances should these sores be popped, as the fluid inside, histamine, can be spread to other parts of the body.

4) Anaphylaxis: This is the most severe reaction to latex and happens after repeated, prolonged exposure to latex or other allergen. In this situation, a man will experience shortness of breath, difficulty breathing as well as a swapping of the lips, tongue and throat. Additionally, one may experience a rapid heartbeat and chest pain. In this instance, it is essentially to immediately be seen by a medical professional. If left untreated, anaphylaxis can constrict airways, leading to death.

Latex Alternatives

Luckily, dealing with a latex allergy is as simple as avoiding latex. Because so many men and women deal with this allergy, many non-latex condom options have been developed. Many condom brands carry polyurethane options, which many people prefer due to their odorless nature and ability to be used with any lubricant. While polyurethane condoms should prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, there is little clinical data available on their ability to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Another latex alternative are lambskin condom. As the name suggests, these contraceptives are made from a lamb's intestinal membrane. Users of these condoms claim that they have a more natural feel than latex and polyurethane options and the closest feel to not wearing a condom at all. However, it's important to note that while these prevent pregnancy, they do not protect sexually transmitted disease.

Soothing skin after an allergic reaction

Even after a latex condom has been taken off, a man with a penis latex allergy can still experience uncomfortable side effects in the penis area. In this instance, a penal health crème (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help soothe the delicate private area and treat allergic reaction symptoms. When selecting a crème, look out for vitamins known for their healing properties, like Vitamin A, C, D and E.

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Penis Bumps: Could It Be Acne?

Embarrassing and unsightly, pimples and acne anywhere on the body are common problems that men and women often deal with through their life. But when penis acne occurs, often the harsh chemicals used for keeping facial blemishes at bay are too strong for use on the delicate penis skin. But that does not mean that men have to accept an acne-pronone member. While penis acne can certainly be a cause for embarrassment, it's easy to treat, and generally speaking, a normal problem for a healthy man.

Is it acne or something worse?

First, it's essential to determine whether the irritation occurring is truly acne or something more benign. If you're socially active, it's important to make sure you're not actually dealing with a sexually transmitted disease, which can often look very similar to pimples. Acne on the penis will typically contain a small amount of pus, feel tender to the touch and feel like a hardened bump.

However, if the irritation is oozing pus, growing into a widespread rash or changing size, shape or texture, it may be a sign that you're dealing with something more serious than penis acne, in this case, be sure to visit a medical professional for screening.

Why am I getting penile acne?

There are many reasons why some men experience penile acne and others do not. Often, and especially in the case of those experiencing puberty, acne can be caused by unstable hormone levels. If your acne is being caused by this, you're likely to be experiencing acne in other parts of the body as well, including most commonly the face and back. Unfortunately, in this situation, time is the best medicine as most hormonal imbalances fix themselves on their own.

However, if your groin is one of the only body parts experiencing acne, the cause it likely due to hygiene and environment – both of which are easy to fix. If you're prune to pimples, it's important to never skip showers, especially if you live in a humid climate. Acne is caused by a pore clogged by dead skin, oil and bacteria. Regular bathing is usually enough to keep the penis pores clean.

Another common cause of penile acne can be as simple as having oily skin. Those who experience oily skin are more likely to develop acne anywhere on their bodies, but especially areas that are typically covered by clothing like the back and crotch because the skin will struggle to breathe. In this case, it's especially important to bathe regularly, as well as opt for breathable, loose fabrics. Switching to boxers from briefs in some cases can be enough to relieve the penis area from acne if it's being caused by oil-prone skin.

Home treatment

Whatever your penis acne is caused by, it's critically important not to “pop” the pimples that are occurring. Squeezing and popping penis bumps can often result in infections as well as a spreading of bacteria, potentially leading to even more acne. It's also not important to use your go-to facial products on the delicate penis skin. Common over the counter acne treatment, like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, are usually too harsh for the private area and their use could lead to rashes and itchiness. If the discomfort caused by your penis acne is too much to wait out, consider contacting a dermatologist for professional drain or removal.

The first step in dealing with penis acne engaging in regular, thorough hygiene. To mitigate some of the more uncomfortable symptoms of penile acne, consider a high quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The botanicals found in some top-notch health cremes are also known for managing acne. For example, vitamin E can assist with hydration, a lack of which can sometimes be a cause of blemishes. Vitamin D is known for its overall skin health benefits, as well.

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Dispelling the Myths About Sex and Pregnancy

For men with a baby on the way, things are probably going quite well indeed. Their family is growing, their lovely female companion is about to get that rosy glow, and they're looking forward to a unique kind of sex that they only get to enjoy for about nine months. It makes sense that a man pays much more attention to penis care during this time, that the likes that his lovely lady will notice and want to play in the bedroom.

But there are many men who might roll their eyes and sigh about pregnancy, mostly because they have bought into the myths that say things go downhill during this time. Here's what a man really needs to know about sex, pregnancy, penis health and more.

Myths about sex and pregnancy

Ready for the truth? Here are some of the most common myths and the truth of the matter:

1) Sex will hurt the baby. Unless the doctor has specifically said there is some medical condition that eliminates sex for the course of the pregnancy, a little bedroom action is not going to hurt the little one in the slightest. To be perfectly safe, check with the doctor at the first exam to make sure everything is still good to go on the sexual front.

2) She will not want sex. On the contrary! Pregnant women deal with a multitude of hormones coursing through their bodies, and many of those hormones make them want to have sex – and lots of it. However, do not be surprised if she's a little turned off during the first three months, as that's the time morning sickness hits. Nobody (man or woman!) Wants to have sex when they feel like they're going to throw up with the slightest move. But during the second and third trimester, she is probably going to say “bring it on!”

3) Doggy is the only position that will work. That's definitely not true, and in fact, some women might find doggy quite uncomfortable. The usual missionary is tough, thanks to that growing belly. So a guy will need to get creative with his sexual positions, including plenty of woman-on-top and side-to-side in his repertoire.

4) The baby knows what's going on. A being so tiny and new has no clue what sex is, so there's no way he or she could possibly know or understand what's going on down there. Beside that, the motion of sex and the rhythmic muscle contractions a woman experiences during orgasm might actually be soothing to the baby.

5) It will spark early labor. When a woman is very pregnant, right at the end of the pregnancy, a little sex might go a long way toward getting things ready to go. But in most cases, sex will not bring on labor. To be safe, ask the doctor if and when the sexual activity needs to stop in order to help ensure the baby stays in as long as it should.

6) I just felt the baby! No, that was not the baby. That was the cervix, which might be a little lower near the end of the pregnancy. However, if a guy is feeling this, he might also be causing pain for his lovely lady, so it's important that communication stays open and free. If she is complaining of pain or cramping, stop the action immediately.

7) She will not want sex after the baby. Yes, she will. But it will take some time for her body to heal, so count on at least a few months of an off-limits sex life. And in fact, a guy might not want sex, either, depending upon how much sleep the new parents are getting!

Whether sex continues during pregnancy or not, a guy should keep his penis ready to go with a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Look for a crème that contains a multitude of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A, B5, C, D and alpha lipoic acid. Also look for a crème with Shea butter and vitamin E, to provide plenty of important hydration.

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Prostate Care for a Long, Healthy Sex Life

Men are taught from an early age that they absolutely must take care of their penis health, and that includes their prostate. But how can a man incorporate prostate care into his penis care routine? It's not as though he can see the prostate, after all, and checking to make sure it's in good health is part of a doctor's job. But there are some things a man can do that will increase the chances of his doctor saying that yes, his prostate is in fine shape.

Ensuring a healthy prostate

When a man thinks about prostate care, he often thinks about ejaculation. Many studies have come out over recent years that claim the more often a man ejaculates, the better his penis health will be, and the more likely his prostate will be healthy for years to come. However, other studies completely contradict this, and say that an older man with regular ejaculations will be healthier, while a young man might not be.

There could be one very simple reason for this: sexually transmitted diseases. Men tend to be very sexually active during their youngger years, sampling numerous partners during that time. However, each new partner brings a risk of developing a sexually transmitted disease. Therefore, a young man who is more sexually active with many partners is more likely to get an STD than the older man who has settled down with one partner and does not have to worry about that issue anymore.

All the studies do agree that sexually transmitted diseases affect prostate health, whether it's one bout of gonorrhea or a lifelong, chronic case of herpes. Therefore, the best thing a man can do for his prostate health is to practice safe sex at all times, including the use of a condom when he's with a new partner.

The second thing a man can do to ensure a healthy prostate and good overall penis health is visiting the doctor on a regular basis. As a man gets older, a prostate exam comes into play. Although these exams may seem embarrassing, they are absolutely necessary to make sure the prostate is not enlarged. Other issues are also covered, such as making sure there are no lumps or growths in the area.

If it is discovered that a man might have a problem with his prostate, getting good medical care immediately is imperative. Many men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer can overcome it with early detection, which is another reason it's so important to get those exams. If the doctor takes a 'wait and see' approach, it's important to keep every appointment and be ready to make a move if the doctor says it's time to treat.

Finally, a man should pay attention to his overall physical health. Eating the best foods, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking and indulging in vices in moderation – such as alcohol and fatty foods – can help a guy stay in good shape. If he has a medical issue, he should get it addressed on a regular basis and keep it under control. All these things contribute to overall health, not to mention penal health.

And speaking of penis health, a man can target that area directly with a topical penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A man should look for a crème that contains a wealth of nutrients that are beneficial to the penis, such as Shea butter and vitamin E for softness and vitamin A for odor control. He can also look to vitamin D, C and B5 for better overall health, alpha lipoic acid to fight free radicals that lead to premature aging, L-carnitine for better sensation and L-arginine for better blood flow. With this combination of ingredients, his penis health stays top-notch – and that contributes to the health of his prostate, too.

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Could Frequent Masturbation Improve Overall Health?

Lots of men wonder whether their masturbation habits are “normal” or “typical,” whether they masturbate multiple times daily or practically never. And many men also wonder if their rate of masturbation might have any effect on their sexual or penis health – or even their general overall well-being, for that matter. A recent survey might provide some insight in these areas – although the survey comes with a couple of qualifications.

The study

The specific study is the second annual “United State (s) of Masturbation” survey, which was disclosed on September 22, 2017. The survey field responses from 1200 adults in America, ages 18-74.

The study was produced by a sex toy manufacturer, and that's the reason for one qualification about the results. There may be a bias in terms of study design or results. And there may also be a bias in terms of respondents; those who participated may be more inclined to masturbate than those who did not. And finally, the information is self-reported, so there may be a bias in terms of the final degree of accuracy.

However, with those qualifications in mind, the study still came up with some interesting results.


Among the results of the survey are the following:

– 42% of all responders masturbate at least once a week.

– 20% of responders masturbate 4 or more times each week.

– 57% of those in a relationship have discussed masturbation with their partner.

– 32% have talked about masturbation with a friend.

– 47% of respondents recommend masturbating before a first date.

– Those who masturbate at least 4 times a week average about 19 minutes per meal masturbation session (as opposed to 13 minutes for those who masturbate less frequently.)

– Interestingly, those who masturbate at least 4 times a week are 13% more likely to have a gym membership, and 41% of them work out at least 4 days a week. They also are 8% more likely to be employed.


As mentioned, the results may be skewed, but it's still worth looking at some possible reasons that explain the numbers. For example, there seems to be a correlation in the study between frequent masturbation and general physical health (as evidenced by the statistics regarding working out). One possible explanation could be that some people who masturbate frequently do so because they have a healthy sense of comfort with their sexual being that corresponds with a healthy sense of comfort about their body in general, and which may cause them to want to take steps to keep their body in good physical shape.

Or it could be a “reverse” kind of reason. For example, working out tend to increase testosterone, which in turn tends to increase sex drive. So it may be that the fact that these men are working out frequently encourages them to masturbate frequently.

Regular ejaculation (whether through masturbation or partner sex) has been shown to have long term positive consequences in terms of prostate health. And masturbation is a great way to help relieve stress. Stress is a major negative impactor on overall health. Assuming that many men masturbate near bedtime, this can also be a way to ensure a better night's sleep, which has positive health implications as well.

In general, masturbation does indeed provide one avenue to help improve general health, as well as penis health. For the latter, men should also daily use a superior penis health crème (health professionals Recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The best options will include a range of vitamins, ideally including A, B5, C, D and E, which will benefit from the topical application in crème form. It's wise to also find a crème that additionally includes L-arginine, an amino acid which can play a big role in helping to keep penile blood vessels open for increased flow.

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Understanding Diabetes and Penis Health

The concept of penal health may seem like it would be related only to the penis and its immediate neighbors, but in fact proper penis health implications, to some degree, overall general health. Certainly, how physically fit a man is has an impact on the health of his member, as well as on the ability with which organ performs sexually. And by the same token, when a man has some health condition, such as diabetes, it is possible that condition may have some sort of impact on his penis health.

That is certainly the case with diabetes. While some diabetic men may find that it has no noticeable effect on their penis, others may find that there can be a variety of problems. Knowing what some of those effects can be important, so that a person can know how to address the issue. (Similarly, sometimes a man may experience side effects related to diabetes without knowing he has the condition – and those side effects may then lead to a much-needed diagnosis so he can learn how to manage the disease.)


Diabetes is certainly one of the most well-known diseases in the modern world, affecting almost 30,000,000 people in the US alone; yet many people may have only a vague idea of ​​what it actually entails.

Diabetes happens when a person's blood sugar (also called blood glucose) gets too high. We need blood sugar – it's what gives a person energy. A hormone called insulin helps take that sugar from the blood and deliver it to the cells, so that they can use it. If a person does not make enough insulin (or if their insulin does not work the way it's supposed to), all that sugar stays in the blood, where it's wasted, instead of getting to the cells that need it. But sometimes a person with diabetes has too little sugar in their blood, and that is also problematic.

So the challenge when a person has diabetes is to properly manage it so that blood sugars are not too high and not too low. To do this, they measure their blood sugar levels regularly, and use injections of insulin to help keep the sugar at the proper level.

Penis health problems

There are many complications associated with diabetes. These include cardiovascular disease, stroke, foot ulcers, kidney disease and vision loss. If diabetes is not properly managed, it can lead to death.

In many men, diabetes can create some significant penis health issues as well. These include:

1) Erectile dysfunction. When blood sugar levels are kept too high for too long, they can cause damage in two areas that can affect a man's ability to attain and maintain anection. They can cause damage to nerve endings; when this happens in the penal, it becomes less sensitive to touch and manual stimulation, making it less likely to become aroused when stroked. Diabetes also can cause blood vessels to narrow and harden. When this happens, they can accommodate much less blood – so that when the blood vessels in the penis should be opening to allow a flood of blood into the penis to create anection, only a trickle gets in.

2) Odor. Often penis odor is increased by diabetes, due to the presence of molecules called ketone bodies in the urine. This can create a very pungent aroma in the groin area.

3) Yeast infections . Increased sugar gives yeast more to feed on, which can in turn create a yeast infection situation on and around the penis.

Diabetes is a dangerous condition that affects a man's general health as well as his penis health. He should definitely consult a specialist to learn proper management of diabetes, as well as use a first class penis health crème ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin ) for everyday penis health issues. The best crème includes two amino acids, L-arginine and L carnitine. The former helps keep blood vessels more open for blood flow by helping to create nitric oxide. And the latter is helpful in restoring lost sensation due to aggressive use.

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Got Penis Odor? This One Easy Treatment Can Help

Even for men who practice near-perfect penis care, there is one very troublesome issue that keeps popping up. When it comes to penis problems, one of the largest a man will ever encounter is penis odor. This nefarious issue tends to show up for apparently no reason, often when a man least expects it, and many a romantic evening has ended poorly because of the stench that sprang forth when a man dropped his trousers. But how to avoid this terrible issue?

The good news is that one particular ingredient in a good penis health crème has been found to stop penis odor in its tracks. Here's what a man needs to know about what it is and how it works.

The power of vitamin A

Vitamin A is a complex organic compound that the human body needs to function properly. This is not just about penis health; vitamin A is essential when it comes to eyesight, skin health, the development of bone and blood, a strong immune system and much more.

But what does it do for penis health? Vitamin A is a natural antibacterial, which means applying it to the skin helps to kill off any bacteria that might be there. This is especially true with the penis, as the bacteria that tend to cluster there and cause that nasty odor are quite unacceptable to the power of vitamin A. In fact, a healthy dose of vitamin A every day, applied topically to the penis, can help diminish the odor significantly.

But it has lots of other benefits that can fight penis problems, such as:

– Promotes skin health, making the penis skin softer and more sensitive to touch

– Enhances the reproductive system, thus making erectile dysfunction less likely

– Promotes a healthy immune system, which in turn promotes endurance

– Increases overall physical endurance, including time spent in the bedroom

– Contributes to an overall feeling of wellness, which helps boost self-esteem

It's obvious that a healthy dose of vitamin A is essential not only for overall health, but for a man's good penis function as well. Paying close attention to diet, such as eating a wide variety of healthy fruits and veggies, can help ensure a man gets plenty of vitamin A on the inside. But what about on the outside?

Getting the most from vitamin A

In order to get the most from vitamin A, a man must use it in two ways: orally and topically. He can get plenty of vitamin A through a healthy diet, but supplements are certainly a possibility if he is concerned about nutrition. Oral ingestion of vitamin A helps ensure his body is much healthier than the inside-out.

But what about from the outside-in? That's where the topical application comes in. Although vitamin A is available in capsules that can be opened and distributed out, this is usually not the best way to apply it topically. That's because it does not have the time to really sink into the skin in order to provide the best benefits.

However, when a man uses a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) , the vitamin A and other ingredients stay where they are applied, offering their significant healing power for a much longer time. When it comes to vitamin A, this is especially important, as it keeps the powerful compound right there where it can fight bacteria that cause penis odor and other penis problems. As an added bonus, a crème that contains Shea butter and vitamin E will help soften the skin, making it even more sensitive to touch.

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Penis Bumps – Unusual Causes: Understanding Fabry Disease

When a dude is focusing on penis health, he needs to spend some time giving himself a physical examination. This involves both looking at and feeling the organ, in order to determine if there are any new penal bumps, rashes, scars, cuts or other issues which may need to be addressed. In the realm of penal bumps, it's surprising – and some say say disturbing – the number of things that can be responsible for those bumps. One of the rarer – but often longer-lasting – of these causes is called Fabry disease.

About Fabry disease

The National Institute of Health (NIH) says that Fabry disease is “an inherited disorder that results from the buildup of a particular type of fat, called globotriaosylceramide, in the body's cells.” This genetic disorder is, fortunately, not common; its incidence is approximately 1 in every 40,000-60,000 males; it is even less common among females. It often occurs early in life, usually between 5 and 10 years of age; however, there are cases of it occurring much later in life. In general, late-reverse cases are milder than early-onset ones.

There are numerous symptoms associated with Fabry disease. These include:

– Pain (often searing), typically in the hands and feet. This often is worse after exercising or physical exertion.

– Vision and hearing issues.

– Hypohidrosis, which is an inability to sweat at the level that the body needs.

– Gastrointestinal issues.

– Small dark red or blue-black bumps, which appear in clusters on the torso and upper legs.

It's the last-named symptom which is the focus of this article. These dark red clusters can appear in numerous places, and that includes presenting as penis bumps.

The penis bumps

These bumps – often called angiokeratomas – typically do not appear on the penal until adolescence. (They also are likely to appear on the scrotum and on the buttocks, as well as on areas between the penis and the buttocks.)

In most instances, the penal bumps do not itch or burn – which is a relief. But some men find them very unattractive and worry that they can be off-putting to potential partners.

The angiokeratomas -whether in the penal or elsewhere on the body – can last for a long time. Treatment of Fabry disease can help clear these up, but sometimes doctors recommend other methods to remove the bumps. These include a laser surgery option, as well as cryotherapy or electronic treatment.

Treating the Fabry disease itself is important, even if other methods are used to directly address the penis bumps. The most common treatment is enzyme replacement therapy, which helps replace the missing enzyme (globotriaosylceramide).

One of the other penis-related side effects of Fabry can be erectile dysfunction. This is because the disease can sometimes cause blood vessels to narrow. When this occurs in the penal, it is not able to get enough volume of blood when an appreciation is called for. Without a freely open and unblocked blood vessel, the erection will be eliminated.

Diagnosing Fabry disease can be difficult, and some people go undiagnosed into adulthood. A man who has constituents of penis bumps should discuss this with his doctor- especially if he has clusters elsewhere on the body or exhibits any of the other common symptoms.

Fortunately, penis bumps from Fabry disease do not itch or burn – but other penis bumps may. Often using a top flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help soothe an afflicted penis. It's best to find a crème that includes both a high end emollient (shea butter is an excellent choice) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). This combination provides a “moisture lock” which helps hydrate penis skin, providing soothing relief. The crème should also contain alpha lipoic acid, which, as a potent antioxidant, strengthen penis skin by battling excess free radicals.

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Penis Size and Diabetes: Is There a Connection?

Most men would do just about anything to increase their penis size – even if they are already blessed with a more-than-adequate endowment. Even more so, men would do anything to prevent the penal from getting smaller. Yes, society's obsession with the length and / or generation of a man's equipment continues unabated, despite the fact that factors such as penal health and skill in the sack are of far greater practical importance. And when researching things that may account for a diminution of penis size, some men find reports that diabetes may be liable for some loss of size. Is this true? And if so, why?

The short answer

Basically, it is true that there can be a correlation between a man having diabetes and experiencing some loss of size of his organ. That's not to say that every man who has diabetes has a small penis – only that there is a greater likelihood that a man with diabetes will have a penis that is in some way smaller than it once was.

But what does that mean? If the penis shrinks, does that mean it shrinks both when erect and when soft, or only one or the other? And does the decrease incidence in length? Or in girth? Or both?

More details

Understanding that there is not as much hard-and-fast evidence pout there as one might like, here's what can be said about diabetes and penis size.

If a man has diabetes, there is a greater chance that there will be a decrease in his erect penis; all other things being equal, the diabetes is less likely to affect his flaccid penis. And both length and girth may be affected, although it is likely that length is more often changed than girth.


Diabetes is associated with erectile dysfunction in many men. This is primarily because of the excess blood sugar that is a hallmark of diabetes; cardiovascular issues that affect blood flow are also common among people with this condition.

When there is too much sugar in the blood for an extended period of time, it can cause damage to the nerves. The penis is filled with tingling, sensitive nerves; it is their stimulation that causes erections. But if the nerves and the nervous system are damaged by sugar, there can be lapses between the brain, the nerves and the penis that affect the process of getting an erection.

At the same time, diabetes can reduce the heart, while also causing plaque to build up in treaties and vessels. Both of these factors impact the ability of the penis become engorged with blood during the arousal process. These issues result in an erection that is weak or even nonexistent; and a weaker erection is generally a smaller one – often in both length and girth.


Men who know that they have diabetes need to be sure that they maintain their treatment plan to help manage and control it. And if the plan is not working, they need to consult with their doctor to determine if changes are needed.

Furthermore, if a man has not been diagnosed with diabetes but notices his penis size has been dwindling – particularly if it means his orders are not as long and full as they once were – he should bring this to the attention of his doctor. There could be many causes, but if it is an indication of diabetes, he needs to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Diabetes can affect more than penis size, so to help keep penis function in good shape, men should tend to their penis health; that includes using a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . If the crème contains neuroprotective L-carnitine, that can help restore loss of penis sensitivity. And one with L-arginine is also recommended, as this amino acid is part of the process that keeps penile blood vessels healthy.

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Penis Health and Alcohol: Interesting Facts

With today's greater openness about all things sexual comes a greater emphasis on penis health. This is all to the good, as the more attention a man pays to this, the better off he will be. One area of ​​concern for those seeking to maintain a healthy penis is how what a person puts in the body affects the penis. For instance, many men enjoy an alcoholic beverage on occasion. But does imbibing alcohol carry any penis health risks?

To address that question, the following facts are offered:

– A lot depends on the man. And the alcohol. Every person is affected in a different way by alcohol, depending on a large number of factors – their height, weight, general fitness, age, experience with alcohol, stamina / endurance, however they are rested / fatigued, mood, psychological balance, time of day, etc. And the kind of alcohol – beer vs. whiskey, for example – also plays a role in determining effect. So, in some cases, one man may find that a glass of wine relaxes him and helps him perform better in bed. A different man may find that the same glass of wine has the opposite effect.

– But too much alcohol is always bad. Too much alcohol, or consuming alcohol over too long a period, is not conducive to a healthy penis. Consuming too much can dampen sensitivity in the penis, which can mean that when a guy ejaculates, his orgasm is not as pleasurable as it usually is. It can also affect the libido, sometimes making a man less interested in sex. And it can often impede erections, so that even if a man is totally interested, his penis may not respond in an appropriate manner.

– Alcohol can less testosterone. Too much alcohol can, due to a lengthy process, decrease a guy's testosterone levels. This helps explain why his libido may be affected. But lower testosterone also can lead to lower sperm production. And – especially for a lot of guys – low testosterone can in some instances be linked with a bit of penis shrinkage.

– Stop drinking before babymaking. According to a 2017 article in the Journal of Men's Health, men who drink alcohol should cut it out three months before they decide to start making a baby with a partner. The study looked at the semen quality of occasional alcohol drinkers. It found that there was no difference in fertility between those who drank and those who did not – but that there was a higher percentage of damaged DNA in the sperm of those who drank. Abstaining for three months can help clear the system.

– Shakespeare advised against it. The effect of alcohol on a healthy penis was well known even in Elizabethan times. In Macbeth, William Shakespeare says of drinking that it “provokes the desire, but takes away the performance” – in other words, makes a guy feel like demonstrating his prowess but then puts his prowess to sleep.

– It's not always the booze. Of course, sometimes a guy has penal function issues that are unrelated to alcohol. It's important to figure out whether alcohol is a factor or not so that a person can know what steps to take to fix the issue.

Keeping a close watch on one's alcohol take can help make for a healthy penis, but that by itself is not enough. For example, any man's penis health regimen should also include regular application of a top drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Select one that includes vitamin C, which is a key component of collagen (which gives penis skin tone and elasticity and is vital for erections). The best crème should also include vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties of which can help battle unwanted and persistent penis odor.

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Common Penis Problems to Watch Out for in Uncircumcised Men

All men will deal with penis problems at some point in their life, but those that are uncircumcised have a host of issues that they're especially vulnerable to. Because of the attached foreskin, uncircumcised men are more likely to deal with bacteria and infections than if they were circumcised. Luckily, most of these issues can be easily combated with simple daily cleansing of the penis and underneath the foreskin.

Here are some of the most common problem that uncircumcised men deal with in their life:

1) Urinary Tract Infections: This is condition most often occurring in women, but men who are uncircumcised may also experience this unpleasure occurrence. A urinary tract infection occurs when harmful bacteria, often e. coli, gets inside of your urethra. Typically, a man with a urinary tract infection will experience frequency urgencies to urinate, sometimes waking from sleep. While voiding, a pain or burning sensation will usually be felt. In several cases, blood may also be present in the urine. An antibiotic will be required in order to rid yourself of this uncomfortable ailment, but in the meanime cranberry juice can often alleviate the symptoms. An easy way to prevent contracting a urinary tract infection is by maintaining excellent hygiene and keeping your entrenched groin clean and bacteria free.

2) Phimosis: In this condition, a man's foreskin will be too tight to be rolled back past the glans during sexual activity, causing intense pain during intimate situations. If a man is experiencing this, it's essential to speak to a medical profession to find ways to loosen the foreskin.

3) Hypersensitivity: Many uncircumcised men report increased penile sensitivity. While this can often be thought of as a good thing, the increased sensitivity can be difficult to manage for less sexually experienced men, sometimes resulting in premature ejaculation. Often, this is a problem that will resolve itself with time and experience.

4) Penis Odor: Underneath an uncircumcised foreskin is a prime hideout for trapped oil and skins that the body would have otherwise naturally exfoliated. Unfortunately, these natural body excrements can develop a foul odor. To avoid this, daily cleaning is key.

5) Smegma: But those who neglect to clean underneath their foreskin daily will certainly deal with smegma, a thick, cheese-like buildup of dead skin cells, oil, and other fluids within the folds of the penis. Not only is it unsightly, smegma can bring with is a host of health problems of its own. If not properly eradicated and cleaned out, smegma can cause irritation, redness and swelling on the penis, leading to a condition referred to as balanitis. While uncomfortable, it's actually quite common among men; rough one in 20 men will experience balanitis in their lives. To combat this infection, be sure to clean the affected area and apply an antibiotic or antifungal medication. This condition is easily avoidable by proper hygiene.

Cleanliness is key

For men with uncircumcised penises, good hygiene is critical to maintaining good health. While all men should exercise penis cleanliness daily, it's nonnegotiable for men who do not want to experience uncircumcised problems. While in the shower, be sure to dilutely and thoroughly clean the groin area using a mild soap. After drying, a top-notch penis health creme (health professionals Recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can be applied. Be sure to pick a crème that will target common problems. Vitamin A is known to aid with odor control, while vitamin E can assist with softness and vitamin D with overall health. Whether uncircumcised or not, these essential ingredients are paramount in keeping the penis in its best health.

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Summer Masturbation Strategies

The hot days of summer are on their way, which means that there will be plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like baseball, swimming and grilling. Of course, there are still plenty of indoor activities to indulge during during the summer, including masturbation. As guys know, solo play is an all-season sport, but sometimes some new strategies are necessary for the summer months.

– Beat the heat. Summer and heat go hand-in-hand, so when a guy has his penis in hand during the summer months, he needs to remember that hot weather can have an effect on all activities – including self-administered ones. Staying hydrated is always important, but especially during the summer. And many masturbation enthusiasts enjoy a long, extended session, sometimes lasting for an hour or longer. It pays to keep some water at hand and to re-hydrate during edging or other lengthy solo experiences.

– Remember the windows. Many men really like to get vocal when they are masturbating, punctuating their sessions with uninhibited moaning or dirty talk. There's nothing wrong with this, and indeed many experts encourage people to be uninhibited during their masturbatory sessions. But often during the summer, people keep their windows open to allow cooler air into the house. If it's possible to close the windows and use an air conditioner while masturbating, that may be a better course than letting your neighbors eavesdrop on your solo playtime. But if that's not an option, definitely keep the windows open so that the heat does not become overwhelming – and either keep down the noise or be prepared to get some interesting looks from the folks next door.

– Use the fans. Fans are a great way to help stay cool during the summer, and they can sometimes add a new dimension to one's masturbation. If a guy has a small fan, he may want to put it on the floor and point it up at his penis while he masturbates. The air blowing on the area will both help cool it down and offer a tingling sensation that many men find exciting.

– Be careful in Nature. Summer often means moving camping or communicating with other people outdoors in a natural setting. Lots of men find the fresh outdoor air to be especially stimulating and enjoy masturbating in such situations. Doing so while actually out in the open can be very risky, so if a guy dreams he wants to do this, he should find a secluded spot and be prepared to cover up if someone comes by. He also needs to be sure to watch out for things like poison ivy; the last thing he wants is to be spreading calamine lotion all over an itchy penis. Masturbating in a tent is a much safer bet (if one is alone or with a friend or partner who is also open to masturbation), but some caution is due here as well. If masturbating at night, turn off the lights – otherwise a guy may be putting on an interesting shadow play for other campers. And remember that noises carry farther in the quiet of the woods, so keep the moaning down a bit.

Masturbation during the summer is a lot of fun – just as it is during winter, spring and fall. But it can lead to a raw, de-sensitized penis if a guy is too aggressive, so he needs to regularly use a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Rubbing the penis raw can lead to loss of sensation, so the best crème needs to have L-carnitine. This neuroprotective ingredient helps prevent diminution of sensitivity due to overuse. The crème should also include moisturizers like shea butter and vitamin E, which can help soothe a rubbed raw member.

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A Sore Penis and Sleep Apnea? It Happens

A sore penis can be a bother, but when it happens only occasionally, it's something a guy lives with. Beside, a sore penis is often a result of some very enthusiastic and / or lengthy sex (whether with a partner or with one's own hand), and the enjoyment a guy experiences may be worth the occasional minor deviation from proper penis care. But sometimes a sore penis is a common thing – and it may occur without the benefits of aggressive sex. If that's the case, finding out the cause becomes important – and in some instances, sleep apnea may be behind that penal pain.

Sleep apnea

In recent years, sleep apnea has moved a bit closer into the public consciousness, but many people still are not necessarily aware of exactly what it is. As Wikipedia explains it, sleep apnea is “a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep.” These pauses can vary in length – some are only a couple of second, others may last a few minutes – and they tend to happy several times during the course of what should be a good night's sleep. Many people with sleep apnea also exhibit bouts of very loud snoring (often to their partners' annoyance.) Because of the interrupted breathing, many people with sleep apnea feel very tired during the day, even after sleeping for a regular amount of time.

Men are about twice as likely to have sleep apnea as women, and people who are overweight also have a higher risk. Treatment typically involves lifestyle changes (such as losing weight or stopping smoking.) Many people now use what is called a CPAP machine, which is intended to help keep airways passes open while sleeping and so less the chance of breathing interruptions.

And the sore penis?

So why is a sore penis sometimes associated with sleep apnea? Basically, researchers have discovered a greater likelihood of sleep-related painful erections and sleep apnea.

Sleep-related painful erection is a fairly rare condition, with only about one percent of men estimated to be affected by it (however, it should be noted that some researchers believe the condition is under-reported). As the name implies, the disorder is marked by the presence of a very painful erection (or erections) while sleeping. Specifically, this occurs only with erections during REM sleep; erections during non-REM sleep are not affected.

With this condition, the penal pain is such that it awakens the man – and he often has difficulty returning to sleep for some time afterwards. So not only is the man dealing with a sore penis but also with interrupted sleep.

Doctors are not sure why some men experience these painful erections as a result of sleep apnea. But the use of CPAP machines, while it treats the apnea, does not seem to have an impact on the painful erections. Use of beta blockers has had some success in treating the erections, as had use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs.

Since there is still much that is not known about the connection between the conditions, individuals with sleep apnea who find themselves with a sore penis should consult with their doctor to determine what strategies they should follow to address the issue.

When a sore penis comes from regular overuse instead of sleep apnea, soothing help can be found in a first class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A crème that contains both a high end emollient (like she butter) and a natural moisturizer (such as vitamin E), can help a penis recover from everyday soreness. It also helps to find a crème with L-carnitine. Why? Because overuse often diminishes penis sensitivity, and L-carnitine can help restore lost sensation in the penis.

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Keep an Itchy Penis at Bay by Staying Hydrated This Summer

The last thing any guy wants is to be plagued by an itchy penis, especially during the beautiful summer months. But men are particularly vulnerable to dehydration – which leads to an itching penis – during the warmest part of the year. Summer is a time for backyard barbeques and hard-earned vacations, not a time to be worried about covertly scratching a crotch that's uncomfortable.

While there are many causes for an itchy penal, a major one during the summer is as simple as dehydration. Without the proper amount of water intake, men can feel a host of adverse effects, including an insatiable itch in their groin. It's an important time to make sure to be drinking the proper amount of water so that you're free to enjoy all the best that summer has to offer.

How much water is enough to be hydrated?

How much water a given person should drink varies wildly depending on weight, lifestyle and a variety of other factors. While doctors typically recommend six to eight glasses of water per day, the formula is a little more complicated, especially during the summer when higher temperatures can lead to additional sweat and water loss.

Instead, take your weight, half it, and drink that many ounces of water each and every day. For example, if you weigh in at 200 pounds, try to drink about 100 ounces of water, about 12 small glasses. However, for exercisers, you'll need to increase your intake to offset the water lost during a workout by way of sweat. A good rule of thumb is drink an additional 16 ounces of water per hour of strenuous activity. Ideally, try to have a water bottle on hand to be able to sip through your session.

Additionally, not all hydration has come from water alone. Many vegetables are fruit are known for high water content. During summer months, try incorporating food items to increase your hydration. Next time you're in the grocery store, look for celery, cucumbers, apples, watermelon and spinach.

What are the signs of dehydration?

Luckily, there are many ways to tell if they body has consumed enough water to be healthy. The easiest way is to note if you feel thirsty. Many doctors say that if you feel thirsty, the body is already dehydrated.

Another way to tell if by noticing the color of urine. Healthy urine should be nearly colorless, sometimes with a faint yellow tint. Urine that's dark yellow or brown and accompanied by a distinct smell can generally indicate that the body is dehydrated. However, discolored urine can be a symptom of many other dangerous health problems. If urine is still discolored after consistent water intake, be sure to contact a medical professional.

In cases of prolonged dehydration, the skin can have adverse reactions. When epidermis cells lack water, the skin can appear tight, dry and flaky. The penis area, which is especially sensitive, is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of dehydration and can result in embarrasing itchy penal pain.

What to do in the meanime

Proper hydration is also dependent on routine and consistency. A string of minimal water drinking can quickly leave one parched and feeling the effects of dehydration that will not be immediately fixed with a glass of water. On days when full hydration just is not possible and symptoms of an itchy penis are beginning, consider using a high-quality penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) specifically designed with the sensitive penis area in mind . Be sure to pick a crème that has soothing ingredients, like she butter, to treat the itchiness, but also hydrating agents, like vitamin E, which lock in moisture to help solve the undering problem.

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